Permian News of General Interest

This is where you post news of general interest to the Permian Basin as a whole. If you have a question regarding a particular area, you will likely get more of a response by posting in your county group.

Yahoo Finance article about Permian takeaway constraints-

(There aren't enough oil pipelines in Texas' Permian Basin [Video])


Midland Reporter Telegram listing of Wildcats (comes out every weekend - excellent source of information) Link

Seeking Alpha analysis of Diamondback purchase of Energen assets, about $65,000/acre - Link

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Interesting article on how they are using bacteria analysis to determine which formations oil is coming from - Link


Sendero proposing a new gas pipeline from Eddy Co. to Culberson Co. - Link

New 3-D Survey project in Lea Co. –Link

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I hear Apache is going to build a 42 inch pipeline for gas and a couple of 30 inch oil gathering lines from IH10/20 at Van Horn up the Tx Hwy 54 on the east side on Jeff Bezos’ property to the Tx/NMex state line building a plant for both crude oil and natural gas just northwest of Del City. That will necessitate another set of pipelines from there down CR222 to just north of Toyah in Reeves county…and across to WAHA at Coyanosa and the new crude oil plant north of Fort Stockton in Pecos county where it will join the 42 inch line from Chihuahua, Mexico. Interesting infrastructural developments!!

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Potential new field in Culberson and Hudspeth County.

Torchlight article

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WSJ graphic showing amount of gas being flared in the Permian per day.


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Cochran County is on the edge of the Permian. I am curious of anyone else has minerals there and if they see any leasing activity there at all? The MRF for Cochran has a post about once a year so it does not seem very active.

@Randy_Duggan we’d love to see more participants from Cochran county. To the degree you know other mineral owners there, pls invite them to join us here at the Mineral Rights Forum.


Randy, family has minerals there.

MRT Development Wells for Sep. 2


Completions Sep. 2 MRT


New water infrastructure Lea and Loving.


Forbes article summarizing which operators are boosting spending in Permian.