New Permian Basin Group


The site owners have agreed to create a Permian Basin Group so we can post items of general interest to the Permian as a whole rather than using the Reeves County Group as the de facto general bulletin board, or posting the same article in multiple counties. If you have questions particular to an area or county, continue to use that county group. However, if you are interested in following all the deals, news, and developments in the Permian as a whole, I would strongly recommend you sign up. The link for the group is below, and don’t forget to click on the blue square on the top right of the thread column to Follow the group, so you will get notifications. I will start filling in articles that I have accumulated over the past few days.

Permian Basin Group - Link

That’s Wonderful, Wade!

Thanks for letting us know. That might ease some of the growing pains we’ve been having.

Only I couldn’t find a Blue Square on the top right to follow the group. I’ll go back and look again (maybe I have to join the conversation first). What I did do was set my preferences to “Watch” for the subject matter. One or the other should work.

Either way, I for one really appreciate the minor change.

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Sorry, the blue square shows up in the Permian Basin category, but not in the Topic thread.

Adding the category to your watched categories in your profile is what you want to do. For a topic, click the button at the bottom of the topic to select what notifications you want for the topic:

Thanks, Jay!

Then guess I’m all set, at least for The Permian.

Is there a way to also set my preferences to alert me when someone mentions my name or responds to me? Or is that part of the Watching setting?

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