Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


I think the old posts are there, just the thread is locked so you cannot post anything more in it. They are also going through and creating a general discussion category for each county that will be pinned at the top of the thread.


I got this message, not sure if anyone else did. My concern is that we will no longer get new members joining us on this particular “topic”. Very little activity since this change made…


Ha ! Glad you commented as it confirmed that I am “wired” in ok , as I did get an email notice of a comment and needed that affirmation …let’s see if others can find their way in this maize?


It’s been difficult to get this site in a workable condition (for me at least) but I have some info and then a question. First, I went ahead and made a bookmark for this particular ‘forum’ because I don’t give a hoot about the rest of the information other than occasionally the Fayette County forum. Here it is: Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties Notice the last three characters of the URL, ‘323’. This is the number of the (almost) last message. So I’ve found that the easiest thing for me to do is just go straight to the place I’m interested in. So if someone has the URL for the Fayette County forum, please share it here.

Here’s my question: I cannot figure out how to set the forum to default to ‘latest post first’. I really don’t care to scroll through 323 posts every time I log on. Why the current default is oldest first is really odd IMO.

Now allow me to pontificate some. My job for about the last 20 years before retirement was working in a software development shop (but not as a programmer). IMO there are three factions involved in software development: Programmers, Users, and Management. Programmers and Users are always at odds because Programmers love to depart from their coding duties into determining what the Users should like to see on the screen. Users always like the ‘if it’s working, don’t fix it’ attitude, which is not possible in all cases. Management… well, management’s decisions are usually resource-driven.

So generally as an end user, you can’t expect too much consideration with user interface changes even though if you were to take your bidness elsewhere, the other two factions would dry up and blow away.

I just hope that users who’ve been here over the years haven’t decided that it’s too much like work to continue.


It took a lot of clicks (and poor language) but is this the Fayette County forum that we’re familiar with?

Also, I’m doing a science experiment with this portion of the post because even though it gives me a ‘preview’ pane to the right side, I’m unsure if I can change my mind and add/delete once I’ve pressed Reply. There’s a little pencil right under your post and this is what I clicked to post this. Checking…

Success! So the grayed out line directly under your post ending in Reply is where I clicked on the pencil. I have no idea how many minutes the software will allow an update. The old software kept track. Just sayin’.


An activity drop is probably expected after a substantial switch like this. Traffic does seem to be building back, however.


Also be sure to go through and mark the threads you want to follow


Wade- maybe I missed the answer, but I am interested in WI’s question about how you bookmark “Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties” so you always go to the most recent page? (the problem with just using 325 or whatever, is that as the blog builds, you are still going to page 325 to start)


At the top and bottom of every thread is a blue circle where you can set your follow preferences for a thread. If you set it to Watching, you will get an email each time there is a posting in the thread, and if you click on the link in the email, it will take you to the most recent postings in the thread.


Hi Wade- That’s not quite my question, because I prefer not to get more email. I just wanted to know if there is a way to bookmark “Leases in Eastern and Fayette & Lavaca Counties” where I go right to the most recent page


Some of you may remember discussing this site some time ago… maybe over a year? Go there again. It’s been changed. Pretty interesting reading.

Also, you might want to add this to your favorites: It’s interesting to see how information from places like Austin Chalk Revival equates to stock price. Just click the heading for any of the columns and see how the stock price compares. Try Wildhorse… 91.1% increase in stock price over the past year is nothing to sneeze at if you’re a stock investor and perhaps a good indicator of their wells even if you’re not.


Gary it just occurred to me that in my experience, this site has never gone to the latest post. If there have been several recent posts I just have to scroll down, read and maybe post, then before I leave, I ‘Bookmark This Page’. Then next time rinse and repeat if there are more new posts.

Since the URL (address) will probably not be exactly the same, neither Windows Internet Explorer nor Firefox will overwrite your bookmark with the new version but instead will put another bookmark in your list. So then you need to go in and delete the previous bookmark. I know this is a klugy workaround, but for me at least it’s no different than it’s ever been.

Frankly, now that I’ve gone through the initial setup it seems to be working OK for me.


Plus when I click on Visit Topic in an email alert, it takes me to the bottom of the thread, which is the most recent post.


Thanks to both. Maybe the forum sponsor could set up a booth at the upcoming Schulenburg Festival to promote interest and to help us out with the new platform (with free beer of course for those still able to get to the end of the blog).


That’s a fine idea and you sir, are a Great American for thinking of it! Get some stick on name tags, too. Seriously, sponsor or no sponsor, maybe meeting at a certain time (after the class reunions) in the Pavilion might be interesting. Let’s discuss further as the time approaches.


Things sure have gotten quiet! Anyone hearing about any new deals being made or wells soon to be drilled in the Lavaca/Fayette/Colorado County area?


I’m personally like Sgt. Schultz, I know nothing. However, I see that even though the stock market tanked again today, WTI closed at $65.89 and probably more important for us, natural gas closed at $2.98 which is almost $3.00! (That’s still pitiful, but getting better.)

I was once told that leasing expenses are only a small slice of the whole pie but can’t help but think that since a majority of the leases around here are somewhere around halfway through their primary period that time will begin to be a factor by the end of the year.


With the OPEC news (I guess it was construed as positive news) yesterday WTI jumped 5.71% to close at $69.28. So those who have leased around here are just about out of excuses for all the foot dragging.


You are so correct !! We have not seen a “new” area get drilled in about 5 years around us…in the southern fayette and northern lavaca counties. Geo and others are in northeast fayette…but not around us. we have had leasing from Ross, Jeter, Kew, Modern, tight rock, Tri-C and others…but nothing. those who leased with Ross and KEW were leased for a potential flip…which has not happened yet. We have a semi-major operator who wants to get a farm out from KEW, but KEW does not have the funds to pay for their cost of drilling operations…which would be 25%. looks like Ross and KEW only want a total sale of the leases. Also question is will Jeter (EOG) pay the option period on their leases here due in about 18 months ?? I heard from 2 sources, they will not…and this brings a lot of land available for far less then what KEW and Ross wants…
You also have far less “investors” in the mix these days. i know 2 independent operators that are having almost zero luck in getting investors on board…and this is for vertical wells in areas that have good seismic.reports. You also have CFO’s who are tight on their budgets, and do not want to end up out of business like a lot of our last operators around these parts…smart…but this has made things go more slowly this time around.
I do however, think that we will see a couple of entries in some “unproven” ground this year…in our areas…but i for one, want to see the rig on the pad before I celebrate any “rumors” I might hear.


Geo-southern has leases in the southeast Fayette county area. They recently (late February) exercised their option to extend O&G leases in the area north of I-10 to around FM 615 , east of Hwy 77 to about Company Fields road. Mine was one of those extended. Not counting any chickens, but hopeful. It’s odd to say this, but I like high gasoline prices.