Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


Yes, Geosouthern has a lot of leases in Fayette county, especially in our neck of the woods, however, their most southern well is say about 5 miles north of I-10 in southern fayette…and all of that east of US 77. So this leaves the southern portion of fayette still basically untouched as far as new wells are concerned. Through Geosouthern’s history, they have always made it a game plan to lease all around their chosen area—even if not continuous. This worked well for them when hey sold some leases to Magnum Hunter, and sold the Lavaca/Dewitt properties to Devon for a huge amount !! We just need Geo to get closer to I-10 and even south of it in Fayette county. They have been staying in the northern section recently.

Would your property be the most southern fayette county well they drill if you get into a unit ? If so, this would be fantastic…we need the operators around us, who lease from us to drill.

Although I am not complaining since a lot of people, including me have leased tracts in northern/southern fayette counties since the 1970’s up to 6 times…and the lease money is nice, but a well would be better…


I’m the the Vacek Loop area. I was really enthused when Geo put out those pegs just down from my gate at the intersection of Vacek Loop and Jahn Lane, but then nothing came of it. At one point I had heard that there were a lot of investment capital companies lined up to invest in oil/gas production, so I’m a little confused as to why nothing has happened. I guess the terms have not been to their liking… or maybe they all got distracted by the Permian. At least that’s a proven area. Someone… anyone just needs to man up and drill a test well in the area, which is what I thought was happening with Bigham and then Wolters. Someone thought enough of those wells even with their technical problems to lay a pipeline from Bigham over to the N-S pipeline running east of 77. That pipeline probably cost some real money to build and most likely wasn’t built on a dare. So what happened? (rhetorical question)


Since I’ve not seen the Forum in months, I don’t know what has been going on just SE of Shiner by Delago and Tri-C. I heard there were several pads set up between Hwy 95 and CO 531 just south of Hwy 90A. Does anyone know any news about this. I don’t understand this new Forum but hopefully I’ll get it figured out someday. Sure miss the old one.


You are correct both Delago aka Rocky Creek and Tri-C have both leased there and have permitted units. Rocky Creek started drilling on their first unit months ago. This first unit is south of US 90 across from the Wellhausen units.


Thank you, Mr. ML… when you know any results of that well, I would really appreciate your putting that info here.


Good morning -finally found this site - how are you and family ? Glad to see some conversation on oil and gas - I leased my place close to Praha several months ago - how about on the west side of Flatonia - anything ‘new’ happening ???


I assumed you had leasing interest over there as the interest in leasing in the eastern edge of the county extended westward to Flatonia .

I know of no interest in leasing west of town . I assume that your lease on property north of I-10 with Sanchez has expired by now , and surprised that Lonestar has shown no interest in such property considering they hold joining property on two sides by production . That pad by the rest stop from which two wells were drilled and now owned by Lonestar is a paid for and ready pad for drilling to the north as Sanchez had planned to do , so curious about Lonestar’s intentions. Reading their quarterly reports they show their intentions to drill or not to drill in detail in all areas …except in Fayette Co. Never any mention of their plans in the Sanchez purchase .


Thanks for the update - everything seems kind of quite ! Yes, I was speaking of my mineral interest north of Praha - at the end of 1295 …and yes I think the lease from Sanchez has expired - ready for a new one now and some drilling on my ‘unleased’ mineral interest near yours ! Lol …Maybe soon as the prices of oil increases…,they sure are busy out on 183 near Hochheim - lots of new wells being drilled by EOG …


If I hear of any leasing interest in our neighborhood I’ll be glad to let you know and assume you will do likewise ? Including any news from Lonestar who you’d think would logically be the most interested , unless of course their plans just exclude unit expansion and of course they do have a lot of acreage held already in our area with room for more wells in units they hold by production already .


How do I search for particular counties in Texas thru this Forum?


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Thanks for the help.


There’s a high probability that I don’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s never stopped me before.

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Carol- just wondering did you go with Tri-C or tight Rock ? or another company…I also have leases in this area…thanks


I spoke with a rep from lonestar soon after they purchased the Sanchez tracts. At that time he said they had no plans to drill out these units and no plans on leasing lands next to them. I do see them with work over rigs on the units from time to time but that is it. I will try to reach out to find if anything has changed…


Yes. Got the message. You are welcome to give me a call.


Ok thanks - will do ~~


I went with Tri-C …


Tri-C leased most of the tracts that border the Sanchez now lonestar units …on the east side. Heard they might drill their Shiner leases first before the “praha” leases…but could change…


Thank you and I’ll do the same ! Have a blessed day !