Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties

Greetings. This is for mineral owners generally located from north of Weimar on 155 down to Oakland on 532 and on down to Breslau. Then west to a Freyburg / Komensky line. If you don't know where these places are, you're probably in the wrong place.


I looked up recent leases in Colorado County. There were a few leases to lesser known companies and I think that they were all down around Sheridan. The company there with the most leases was Square Mile Energy. However, GeoSouthern has leased ~185 tracts since Jan 1. I went through a lot of the leases and was able to get a general idea of how far their leases extend.

They're from US 71 north (if not further but I don't care) down to Weimar HS and then down to the points provided by JBob and P Cook. Look at eastern boundary on the new map revision. I'm not making this up.

Keep in mind that the map is far from complete due to lack of input plus my own laziness. I really failed to get any more points in Lavaca County but I know Jeter leased down there somewhere.

So now the map more or less includes areas by WSH Land (now GeoSouthern), GeoSouthern, Omimex, and some Jeter. It would be nice if we were able to get the northern/western boundary of the map a little more exact. Any Moravia, St. John, Engle, or Freyburg posters out there? Even if you post nothing but, 'We and the neighbors got nuthin' going.' That would be helpful.

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I haven't heard any results from GeoSouthern Briscoe but I see that it's 10,500' vertical depth. All of their Ammansville/Holman permits are in the 6-7000' vertical depth range. So they must have taken a good look at all depths.

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Fayette County was updated on to 3/31. There were 268 oil & gas leases during March. Most were with GeoSouthern but some were with Verdun and Beland. Those two are not doing business in our area of interest. GeoSouthern was filling in blanks in their area, as well as moving more to the NW, which is what we were pondering. So the bottom line is that most leases were in the Freyburg area. I put the new yellow pin on the Freyburg Hall just for old times' sake. There were leases almost as far as the 'Hostyn cutoff' from US 77 to FM 609, and there were some leases down just a little east of Engle and right north of IH 10. Many more of the 268 leases were within those new boundaries.

I've attached an updated map for your pondering pleasure and I guess we're waiting to hear from Lavaca County on Along those lines, I keep hearing one rumor and then another as to who's leasing out there. Seems like a bunch of talk and not much action. However, our map looks a little lopsided on the bottom and think that it may fill out soon.

A reminder that leasing most likely extends further NE but since I'm not interested in that, you're on your own in that regard.

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WI - Can you put FM 609 in the map?

I tried to do it but it clutters up the map. I've attached my attempt. It shows black pins for 609 more or less and then green for the Hostyn Cutoff. Hope it's helpful. For any future revisions I'm reverting to the yellow pins only.

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Thanks WI, was wondering how far I was from the area of current interest. Think I sit near the 5th black pin from I10. Maybe those yellow pins will move a bit to the west in the future charts. :wink:

I got curious about GeoSouthern's recent permits in Lavaca County. I discounted their numerous obvious EF wells in the US 95 area. They've done three wells in the past two years; Briscoe, KLM, and Bujnoch-Henderson. There's only been one vertical well for Briscoe, but the other two were vertical followed up with horizontal wells using the same permit.

Even though they're out of our area of discussion, I've added them to a new map using orange pins. The most SW is B-H, the one across US 77 to the east is KLM, and the one off to the NE is Briscoe.

Keep in mind that the yellow pins do not represent wells, only our best guess at the boundaries of leased properties. Actual wells are somewhere within those boundaries plus the orange pins, and actual wells are only by GeoSouthern.

Now I'm curious about Jeter/EOG. Can anyone vouch for actual leases by them or was that all just idle talk? Seems like I heard of leasing on FM 532 between US 77 and FM 957. Anyone with hard information?

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Hubby and his brothers actually signed a lease with Jeter/EOG like I said in earlier reply. They signed lease in early January 2017 which I heard right after that they stopped leasing. (Off 957 between -H- and Breslau. Haven’t a heard a peep from them since then.

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The most south yellow pin represents the information that you gave me. Let me know if it's not in the correct place. I'm hoping to hear from farther north toward the 532/957 intersection. I'm beginning to think that all of the information is in pending updates to

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Will do.

P Cook

The property you mentioned near Breslau appears to be close to County Road 237.

Mascot has filed to drill a well (Janak) in that area and on the RRC map, it appears to be about 1.5 - 2 miles (straight line) East of FM 957. I have't seen anything yet online on how things have gone for that project.


Washington Irving

The Bujnoch - Henderson well that GeoSouthern drilled South of Hallettsville appears to not be be a profitable situation.

Bujnoch - Henderson Completion Report



There was a well drilled by Zachry last November - December perhaps 1/2 mile across the road from Bujnoch - Henderson called the Schinder unit. It had favorable results. Just the nature of things in that area.

Schindler Unit Completion Report



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The Janak No. 1 well has been plugged and has grass growing over the pad site.



Thank you.

I haven't been that way in a while and it would probably be a while before I got around to seeing for myself.

Mascot doesn't have a very good successful rate. Seems they drill and fail or drill then plug and sit on it. Not impressed with them at all.

I think Mascot has done some drilling along County Road 199 which is Southeast of the Janak well.

You never said if County Road 237 was close to the leased property that you had mentioned south of Breslau area.

There haven't been that many good wells drilled recently in the metropolitan Breslau area.

What is abstract 23 ? I know 003 is Jeremiah Brown, and 021 is Hensley...what is 23 ? I cannot find 23 in the Moravia area....


I think A-23 is the A. Kent Survey, 5,008 acres. Look south of Hallettsville just east of 77 and just north of 531. Generally in the Ezzell Greater Metropolitan Area. So I have my doubts as to the accuracy of what you were told by HBR.

Interested to see what Penn V has to say on the upcoming Q1 call. We are located right on Highway 95 3 miles out of Moulton and are HBP with Penn V on the 3 Pavlicek wells. We were hoping that Penn would come back around and drill a bit more with oil up near 50. The last two holes they punched have done 225K barrels of oil in 3 years and 2 months. Hope that is good enough to get them to go back in.

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If you are close to the pressure boundary Penn V has marked out, then you will do good eventually. In 2018 Penn will be making new units on the leases acquired in 2015, and in the last 3 months. these are east of Jake Berger and one point a Devon unit was permitted their named Big Five...and east of that. This may or may not be on Wednesday's conference call since the 2018 plans can change with oil prices. This info came from 2 pretty reliable.

They are going to put a lot of weight on the 2 wells that will be drilled east of the boundary. IMO the Lager unit is way to south and east for a good first test...but let's all hope its great !!!

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