Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


Have you heard anything on the Lavaca acreage that KEW recently acquired, and still actively leasing , I believe. The acreage I'm speaking of is west of Moravia. Are we some of what they are trying to sell?


Can any one tell me why they are not leasing the komensky area


Everything is leased up along 1295 next to Darliek road and past, but nothing being leased around Komensky wonder why


Based on what I can see on DI , there has been a lot of leasing activity in the last 18 months around Komensky done by HBR, Delago, and Modern. I am not saying that every tract is leased, but many if not most are leased.


OK thanks


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Modern has about 1500 acres on the west side of FM 1295, from about1/2 mile north of the fed mill, then down south until you hit that first curve to the left. I had heard a survey team was out this past week on some of these tracts…

What is still open is a pretty good size patch south of Fm 532, east of Fm 1295, west of Fm 957 and fm 340 on the south side of the block…north of FM 340. Lots of available acreage here …


Talked to a friend of mine who up until recently was a geologist with Tri-C. Was told Tri-C still has lots of interest in the southern Fayette acreage they have. Did not find out exactly what the “glitch” was in Fayette. Tri-C is working closely with Post Oak Energy Capitol so it most likely was get it going with the Shiner project first from an investment standpoint.


Does your friend think Tri-C plans to drill wells, or are they looking for a partner?


My contact is very positive about Tri-C and their integrity. From what I have heard, Tri-C is in it for themselves. They however, are working with Post Oak Energy Capitol for their funding. I have also gotten word that additional land work is being done on the FM 1295/Fayette area holdings to pull all them together. Appears things are moving in the right direction.


Any word on KEW / Santa Rosa?


Hi AW- if you know, what does your geologist friend think Tri-C is targeting- Austin Chalk? Eagle Ford? Upper Eagle Ford?


We didn’t discuss that portion. He left before they moved into Fayette/Lavacca


AW- when you were asking about leasing with Tri-C about 9 months ago or so, you had mentioned that your landman said it was Eagleford they were looking at. Did this change ?


Not that I know of. I think it still is EF, but can’t say 100% either way. We did receive last week some lease modification requests re-wording the pooling/Pugh clauses. So they are still working the leases in the souther Fayette area.


Yes, Tri-C has quite a few leases now. It looks like they are looking to place a pad on the Clark’s property, right where the construction barrels are at…that would be the enhance. this one will shoot to the northwest and is an eagleford. Bad thing is this is right across the street where someone is selling 3 acres tracts off of the 125 acre George Migl property. I had heard they wanted to pad the 125 acres, but they did not get that 110 acres parcel they wanted that sold a couple of years ago (south of Clarks tract)…was in foreclosure, and minerals went with it…Penn outbid Tr-C for the 110 acre tract. and will be in Penn’s first easterly unit that will commence in 6 months.
I know you had said the 125 acres had a no drilling operations clause on it, but what I heard tri-c was still looking at putting a pad there…


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