SIERRA 1-32-29 WXH Section 32 and 29 4N 3W

Anybody get paid on this well yet? Casillas is the operator. My mother has some interest in 29 . thanks-Joe

The active date looks like December 3, 2018. Time to send a certified letter to Casillas requesting a division order and back interest.

I sent them one 3 or 4 weeks ago. It amazes me how you have to always do something to get paid!

It won’t be long before my Prairie well 33 4N4W should start paying. M. Barnes. Do you have the address to Casillas that a person would send a letter to and do you have an example of what one needs to write in that letter? I didn’t want to come off as a good or something! Thanks, Tom


Here you go:

In accordance with Oklahoma Revenue Production Standards §52-570.10, paragraph D.1., please remit payment for interest due this revenue in the amount of 12% per annum, effective first production.

Todd M. Baker

For Arkomo, I happened to have received division orders from Casillas on another well, and had the paperwork sitting on my desk. They list this for “contact info” Casillas Operating c/o Land Info services 6608 N Western Ave #607 OKC 73116

Phone 1-833-862-7587

The address listed on the other documents is: Casillas Operating c/o Land Info Services 100 N Broadway Ave Suite 2010 OKC 73102

So, I guess the first one is where they want questions to go. Previously, I’d thought their addresses where in Tulsa. ?

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Chris, you are correct in thinking Casillas is a Tulsa company. Their address listed at the OCC is: CASILLAS OPERATING LLC (918) 582-5310



TULSA, OK 74101-3411

The OKC address is probably a company that is handling their division order duties on a contract basis.

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The completion report for the Sierra well and the Prairie well went up on August 6.

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Probably best to send a certified return receipt letter to both locations putting Division Orders in the address as well. Then you have a paper trail for who received it. Todd has the correct statute, so add that in. Give your name, legal description, name of the well, etc. That will help them hand it over to the correct Division Order analyst.

Thanks Lynden. Now if they will just send me a division order on my Prairie well?

Hi Joe, we have interest in this well and area also. We have not received anything other than a letter from attorney Charles Helm and an email from Pat Jordan. Pat is a senior land advisor.

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Thank you. I am amazed how slow all the companies are moving to pay people, and all of the buyouts and hired companies to take care of division orders etc. It is quite a shell game they are playing. Doesn’t seem like they really want to pay !

Chris, can you tell me how long it took to get the Casillas DO after your well was drilled? Thanks!

Hi LINDA- It took Casillas almost 9 months to pay me. Then another 30 days for my 12% interest. I would rather they keep my funds & let the interest build up. :money_mouth_face:

Todd, that was not on the Sierra was it?

No- 2 other wells operated by Casillas. They are just behind, but will eventually get you paid.

Still waiting on Casillas to start paying on my Prairie well.

TODD, I think that is right about it being better to get the 12% interest. It’s so much better interest than we can draw anywhere. I was just curious how long it took. I believe they are a good company and will pay us. They are probably just behind because they are doing so much drilling right now. I appreciate everyone’s comments and advice. It’s nice to be able to talk to those in the know!

It’s been a while since I’ve asked. Has anyone received their first check from Casillas on the Sierra 1-32-29 well yet? We haven’t received anything but now thinking it might just be because we own such a tiny amount we might have to wait until it builds up some more. Any info. is appreciated.