Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


Does anyone know if anything is happening in Sec14-7N-6W?


OCC granted for three additional wells in August 2018.


There is a lot happening in that area - there are new filings basically every week. has OCC activity updated daily.


Thank you very much for the update. Hopefully all three will be productive!


Can anyone tell me what happened or how many wells and what sections these CD#s encompass. 201808935, 36, 37, 38, 39. 201809002, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


4 increased density wells. Sections 21, 28 & 33-7N-6W.


201808935 is 5 increased density wells for Sec. 20-7N-6W.

201809002 is 4 increased density wells as shown earlier.


Todd, Thank you very much. Do you know if some of these wells in sec 20 are single section wells. Thanks again for your time.


The Wilkerson 1-20H well was solely for Section 20. The 5 increased density wells will be for multiple sections.


Rick, I think the application only estimates 4% of any of the laterals will be in section 20. Probably more applications later that will fully develop section 20.


Thanks you Gentleman.


What section is this?


Section 20-7N-6W … but they are asking for 5 additional wells and the exhibit only shows 3 that I see. There could very well be additional exhibits submitted later.


By George, could they be drilling south like sec 23 7n 6w??? LOL


That will happen too.


My family has section 18, 8, 7. We were recently asked to lease that section for 2500 a acre 3/16 royalty. Bonus payment will be 2500.


Sherry, If you are asking about 18-8N-7W, it was pooled in August 2018 for $6000 3/16ths, $5500 1/5, $0 1/4. So your offer for $2500 is way too low. I see several of your relatives on the pooling order. If you did not answer in the allowed 20 days, then you were assigned the lower royalty at $6500 and 1/8th. There were some notes as to bad addresses, so you might want to check into it and make sure you folks were accounted for. The case number was 201706124. OAP This is the website to look it up on.


Do you mean section 18, 7,8 of grady


Any one know of activity in 27 8N 6W? Just got an inquiry from Aegis. Was some interest way back in 2012 but apparently nothing happened. Litigation or something.


Mr. Brock:

Just Continental’s old Brannan well, at least I think that is the name. There are some minerals trading hands in this section, but it doesn’t appear that Continental has any immediate plans for more wells. Not sure the Springer formation is present here either.

Todd M. Baker