Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


Todd: Thanks a heap. Aegis didn’t name a price, so I guess it was just fishing. Jim Brock


Jim: Continental has drilled out the frac plugs on the Ramsey #2 & #3 and flowback started today. Todd M. Baker


Sherry, your question had 18,8,7 which needs the northing and westing added onto it. I made the assumption that you mean 18-8N-7W of Grady. I do see Battiest names on the pooling order.


Good news! I guess that the flow tests are upcoming.

Just bought my first Christmas tree in 18 years (since my first wife died…Christmas was our special day). My wife Carol and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary next month…figgered it was about time. One good thing about old age…things go on. Thanks again for the info. Jim Brock


For some reason, I can no longer see any posts in this thread. Does anyone know why this is?


That is odd. I see about 287 of them. You might try using the Search icon in the upper right and typing in Project Springboard and see if it reloads.


hope these links work, springer completion reports


Do you see any drilling in 30-7N-5W. Permits were issued for 3 more wells going north thru section 19,18 7N 5 W on August 20,2018. Have not seen a spud order



I believe the Triple H wells are in Section 30 & 31-7N-5W. Very good wells.


Robert, I believe you are referring to the 3 planned Newfield wells with the surface hole location in section 30-7N-5W… the JAMES 7-5-19-18-30H, JAMES 7-5-19-18-31H and JAMES 7-5-19-18-32H.

Right now I cannot say if one of the many rigs in the area are there to drill the Newfield wells or not. Todd mentioned Continental’s Triple H wells in section’s 30 & 31-7N-5W and Continental is back drilling three Dyer wells into those same sections.

I will take a closer look the next time I am up there. Even though the SHL’s for the James wells and the Dyer wells are in different sections, they are not that far apart from each other.


That is correct the 3 planned Newfield wells. I have watch all the drilling by continental in section 30 and how close they are and expected Newfield to move quick with all that going on. Use to log wells around that area and need to drive back down soon to see the rigs and visit places I miss, thank you very much. It’s exciting to see all the activity



Any activity by Continental in Sections 24, 25, or 26?


Quite a bit of activity John… I count 13 wells spud in those sections in 2018 so far with 1 more to go.


Thank you, Don. We are only getting royalties from Marathon Winter Creek wells. There are two named Marathon Winter Creek. I keep seeing other wells, too. We have interest in Sec 24 6N 6W and I know that the two wells are producing, but keep hearing from friends that Continental. I am still learning the language as this was dad’s business and now that he is gone I am playing a major game of catch up. John


Hello Jim:

The Ramsey Trust #2- last 3 days: 0 BO, 196 mcf. 411 BO, 680 mcf. 657 BO, 1033 mcf.

The Ramsey Trust #3- last 5 days: 779 BO, 1051 mcf. 888 BO, 1151 mcf. 924 BO, 1263 mcf.1054 BO, 1477 mcf. 930 BO, 1530 mcf.

Jury still out on #2. Somewhat disappointed in #3. Thought oil would go much higher before dropping.

Will keep you updated.


does any body have production on the Pyle well in 36 25 7n6w. They released first month production for February: 21,123BO and 35,581MCF, but nothing since. First production was Feb 6 so that’s almost 1000BOPD.


Thanks, Todd. Are these test data or actual production? If production, I guess my first payment should be in June 2019? Jim


Jim: For the most part, we don’t “test” wells anymore. This is actual production so yes, DO’s will probably be out in May or June, 2019.


Todd: Thanks again. I guess after spending all that money on drilling and fracking they are going to produce whatever the well can do. Jim


JIM: For most of 2018, we seem to be looking for the same thing, How much oil/gas are the springboard wells going to produce??? Been waiting for some production numbers, but Continental being kinda short on info…NO PROBLEM

Should I get the brakes fixed in the old pickup, or start looking at the new caddies??? lol Cant do anything on price of crude. Where are these production numbers we are starting to hear coming from?? OBVIOUSLY ITS ALL GOOD THOUGH…