Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


Rick - I think they will do just that… Drill one section wells for the Springer in Sec 20. There were what looked like two drilling pads on the north side of Sec 20, so maybe when those 2 rigs finish up on Row One they will just move across the road and start drilling Sec 20. Now watch them do something totally different. :wink:


We signed our Division order for well Winter Creek 2 with Marathon back in early July and have not heard anything about production. I did hear about he Continental was going to take over our sections 24 and 25. Anyone hear anything about it. After Winter Creek 1 had that problem and it was not producing due to some issue. We have received little to nothing in royalties from Marathon. Anyone know anything? Sorry if I sound loopy, I am in the hospital having joint replacement.



I wish I had a board like this for my sections. This makes so much sense.


Now if we only knew how the fracking was keeping up with drilling…No completions on row 1 showing up as completions yet…Really wanting to see production from latest tech used in Springboard…I KNOW PATIENCE AND PRUDENCE …LOL


it is very likely that they are going to use a zipper frac with the new wells. They will drill a bunch in the same section, then wait and frac them all at the end with the best technology for the area. Doing several at once saves a bunch of money since there is only one transportation cost, set up cost, one crew, etc.


Great video on fracking.

Better understanding of why it costs $10 million to drill.



LNG exports are good for Scoop!


Here’s a very short video about zipper fracking.


for those who track production in the springboard area, Coffeville has not posted production (occ site)since 7/2 for April, so 3 months. Any ideas why, coincident with CLR mineral buying spree…other factors…Ideas how to get production numbers?


And they are both going to go to zero for simple economic reasons and so will the others, like South Korea.


But they’ve got to watch out for the CHEATING.

A vessel carrying 2 million barrels of Iranian oil discharged the crude into a bonded storage tank at the port of Dalian in northeast China………A person at the CNPC-owned storage site who refused to identify himself when contacted by Reuters said it is “impossible” that the oil is stored there.