Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


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China will be a little tougher nut to crack.

China Rejects U.S. Request to Cut Iran Oil Imports

But China can and they will too!

$506 billion in imports from China will get that job done.




Last 2 rigs in Row 1 of the SpringBoard… pictures taken Friday afternoon.

STEELMAN 3-18-7XHS (Section 18-7N-6W) (Looking West)

STEELMAN 4-18-7XHS (Rig sits in Section 17-7N-6W) (Looking East)


I counted a total of 12 rigs… 2 rigs finishing up on Row I and 10 rigs East of Tabler with lots of traffic.

MARTHA 2-35-2-11XHS (Section 35-7N-6W) (Row 3) (Looking Southeast from Hwy 39 near Tabler)


Don, Great pics Thank you


Yeah yeah yeah.

I really feel sorry for poor old “powerless” OPEC.

But that means more power to………SCOOP!


Quote on April 29 "I hope this guy is right because the price of NG could sure use a little GOOD NEWS!

I believe the North American natural gas market is setting up for a significant price spike in just a few months… I certainly don’t expect gas go over $10.00/MMBtu, but a move back to over $3.50/MMBtu would make a lot of upstream gas company stocks look extremely attractive."

Natural gas up to $3.14.

_Natural Gas Futures - Nov 18 (NGX8) _ 3.140 +0.046 (+1.49%)

Not $3.50…….YET!

But it’s not even winter…YET!

$3.50 here we come?

That would really be good for………SCOOP!


Is 8N 6W in the SCOOP? Anything going on there?


Lots going on there depending upon your section. 132 OCC cases in the last 999 days. Many are pending right now. Which section are you interested in?


Martha: Sections 26,27 and 35 in 8N 6W. Just got a filing by Midcon for a 640 acre horizontal drilling and spacing unit (whatever that is) in 26. Woodford, Hunton and Mississippian common sources of supply. I suspect that this is the first step. Most of the horizontal wells seem to extend over two sections, not just one as in this case.

I am confused. Still. Jim B


If you go back to May 28, there is a nice map of the Springboard project. You are in the township just to the north.

The spacing comes first since they need to set the drainage area, then approval for the well and then pooling usually. I see the pooling case as well.

27 & 34 are held by a Continental well, so they can come back and drill more if they want. Not sure which direction they might go with the 26 well. I think it might go north into 23 if the geology is good since 35 already has half of horizontal in it.


Quote from Jake:

Looks like CLR is now on Row 3 with in the Phase one (springer) with the Martha Unit and the Wheeler Farms Unit. Also looks like they have have decide to “upspace” to 3 springer wells per unit rather than 4 at least in this area.

I thought so too Jake.

But Continental just spudded the 4th Hart well targeting the Springer in 25-7-6.

So maybe they are sticking with 4 Springer wells per unit.

That would be nice!


Clr just applied for increased density for 6 springer wells in 10-6N-6W.


So maybe they are sticking with 4 Springer wells per unit.

That would be nice!


Now that really would be NICE!


According to the Springboard map, 10-6N-6W is not in the plan. Perhaps this is a change?


Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Not to worry.

Just have a little patience!

But China can and they will too!

$506 billion in imports from China will get that job done.


joe, I believe CLR wrestled operations from Marathon in this section.


What has happened to row two of the Springboard Project? Have interests in Sec 20&21-7N-6W. Has anyone heard anything. Have they started fracking row one? Any info greatly appreciated.


Rick - The Hart and Cash wells are in row 2. The AC WALTERS 3-27-22XHS permit to drill was issued yesterday. They were still installing tanks and other equipment on row one when I was last up there. Coming back from Chickasha last night on hwy 19 I did not notice any bright lights you usually see when they start fracking a well. I did see lots of rig lights in the distance.


I’m going to repost Don’s Springboard map to make it a little easier to review. Springboard

Green = Units in Progress

Orange = Planned Units

Light Blue = Non-Op Units or Not Planned

Blue = Developed Units


Don thank you so much. I appreciate all you do on the forum. Sec 20 still has me puzzled. Maybe they will do just a one section well for the Springer since Sec 29 already has 5? Any thoughts?