Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


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Since I don’t know how to use this site very well anymore I’m going to ask a question here about Lavaca County for anyone who might have an answer.
Has anyone heard anything about Tri-C Energy and whether they have any plans of drilling any where on their 900+ acres of leases east and northeast of Shiner?


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I can’t exactly recall the significance of the ‘Field Name’ but do remember that Cypress E&P came in and designated a large area as Cypress Landing. I see from the RRC results that someone (Tri-C?) named a Field ‘Southern Bay’ but it hasn’t showed up yet in the Field Rules Index

Another item of interest is that your attached Results say that Kainer is a gas well. That’s of interest to me. Once companies like this get their facilities up and running at full capacity, and once gas gathering pipeline infrastructure is installed, this should really be to everyone’s benefit.

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Expect you’ve seen it but the W2 Tri-C filed on Kainer says it had made 16,169 barrels before they test it on 1/17. That would be 17+ days of production at the 949 BPD rate where it tested which supports the 4610 barrels they reported in December being less than a weeks production.

Says it’s an oil well…only 505 MCF/D.


I just had a conversation with a couple of people who know about the technicalities of this and they are both impressed with the Kainer results. There was particular oohing and ahhing about the 949 BOPD even at the relatively small choke size of 15/64 and 2100 Flowing Tubing Pressure (FTP). So there it is. Looks like Tri-C has a good enough well to try a few more.


Sounds good. It puts within shouting distance of Karnes County, where “The best shale oil wells have come online producing more than 1,000 bbls/d.” Eagle Ford Shale | Karnes County, TX — Eagle Ford Shale Play Also, puts us in a position where at least we are not completely embarrassed in comparison to EOG’s shale wells in West Texas, where the average initial 24 hour production is 2000 barrels per day. Maybe now all we need is a price hike in oil to make it really happen. (as well as not having production fall off after a short period of time—but maybe that’s where the good tubing pressure comes into play).


Thanks for the good news, Washington -.drill, baby, drill !!


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Omimex, Ross and KEW/Santa Rosa have been trying to move their acreage pretty much since they leased everyone in the area. Haven’t been any takers because no one wanted to be the first to drill a well. Maybe with positive results from Tri-C’s wells, development will more SE. However, still pretty tight on oil prices, so that doesn’t help your economics on an exploratory well.


I am also curious about the plans of our Schadenfreude “29 cents-per-share” Sanchez. (maybe they can hire the song writer “50 Cent” as their CEO, and almost double their production). I looked back in response to the Kainer 24-hour test of 949 BOPD, and, with same initial test using larger choke, Sanchez’s Salud (near Jordan Ranch) produced 150 bopd and Sante (near Methodist Church) produced 168 bopd.


In defense of Schadenfreude Energy, we might possibly give them a break because sometime ‘you just can’t get good help nowadays’. You’re only as good as the contractors that you hire. Yarn | l've got morons on my team. ~ Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) | Video clips by quotes, clip | 6b67fab3-c727-40c4-a828-2417653b0eee | 紗

However, that excuse only goes so far. Many of the Omimex/Ross leases will begin expiring in September so that will tell the tale.


Maybe all Sanchez needs is a better spokesman in the court of public opinion to defend them:


Since there’s no news around here, I thought I’d regale everyone with a story about frac sand. I was driving from Llano to Brady on SH 71 the other day and that took me by those sand mines around Voca. At one time these were a hub of activity but now not so much. When I got to my destination, I asked someone about frac sand and they had some interesting comments.

When fracing first was introduced, everyone used ‘Toronto Sand’. Yes it was imported from around THE Toronto, Canada. Needless to say, transportation costs were a little over the top. So then they started using ‘white sand’ from sources a lot closer because that was pretty much considered the best. Some was located around Voca.

Then somehow the supply chain was disrupted and impatient people decided, ‘Screw it! We’ll just use whatever is available as long as it goes through the correct size sifter.’ So now you see ‘brown sand’ mines all over the Permian Basin and wherever sand exists because it was determined that sand is sand. Granted, this is sometime supplemented with specialty sand coated with slick material (owl poop?) that will enhance results, but the concept remains.

In case you’re wondering, this general sand costs about 2.5 cents per pound. So if you’re pumping about seven million pounds, that’s ‘only’ about $175,000 which in the grand scheme of a $6 million well is not very much.

If someone with more knowledge in this regard wants to chime in and add something or correct me, please feel free to do so because it’s obvious we’ve got nothing else going on except waiting for leases to expire.


Is that the price delivered to the frac site or is that the FOB price at the sand mine?


That’s at the sand mine. The transport cost was about another $100k and the distance is about 160 miles. I guess that cost is pretty variable per the cost of diesel, the route, and ‘market forces’.