Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


Good morning just wondering if there is any new news on the Kainer well, north of Praha -Flatonia ? And were there two wells or one ???


only one well finished fracking yesterday


Thank you, Martin - Appreciate your reply …


Hi Dusty, I was wondering if you had heard any news on what the going bonus avg is in the areas that Riviera is leasing. They now have over 200+ leases taken in that focused area you described above. Any idea?


I haven’t been on here for a good while. I agree! I thought the blog was done! I didn’t get any notifications in ages. I DONT LIKE IT! I just happened to need to ask a question about some leasing, and stumbled back into it. Still trying to get the hang of reading the posts between counties is a pain in the AXX! To say the least. O well I guess I’m Old and grumpy! Don’t like change much!


Has anyone seen a pad being built North of I10 just west of schulenburg?


There is something coming up right along the north side of I-10. Not sure if it is east or west of Engle. Not sure if it is a pad since it is not very flat…but maybe they are still working on it. could possibly be another Tri-C pad, but no permit yet.


It’s just west of the Engle exit almost next to that cell phone tower. No additional info. Considering the location, it could actually be some sort of commercial venture. Sheer speculation though.


Definitely could be for commercial use since the site pad is not flat…unless they are still working on it…looks like there are power poles running to the middle of it as well…


Asphalt plant for paving I=10 Schulenburg to Flatonia


Courthouse Records are showing that Tri-C is leasing a lot of acreage to the NW in the Freyburg area. In addition, they’re going back and amending their existing leases with something called ‘100/50 Pooling Provision’. They’re saying that if the surface location is on your property, 100% of your acreage will be included in the unit. HOWEVER, if the surface location is on another property and less than 50% of your acreage would be in the unit, then you won’t be included. I hope that this cut/paste comes through. It’s off of an actual lease.


I guess I’ve forgotten how to edit a post (not that it’s intuitively obvious or anything!) but just thought I’d add that I find this neither good nor bad; simply an item of interest that they would take the time and effort to go back and amend all their leases like this.

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Looks like some new company names showed up on all those new leases that just hit Courthouse Direct. Wonder if some are speculators or shells fronting for bigger names.

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This lease paragraph is mostly standard in all leases and surprised Tri-C is having to amend their existing leases…must have left it out ? Makes sense if the pad is on your property that they include your entire tract in the unit. Who wants a 4 acre pad on a 50 acre property, where the oil company is only including the 4 acres in the unit…So the 100% is standard…other tracts without the pad. should have 50% or more included in the unit. Then they can still include your less than 50% acreage in another unit…since less then 50% is available. All of this is beneficial for the mineral owner…This is now being used by Tri-C since their units will be side by side for the most part…I still have not heard the real #'s from there first unit …anyone heard anything ???


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DrillingInfo just updated December '18 production for the Kainer 1H. December monthly shows 4,610 bbls, so roughly 149 bopd. Not great at all, but the well could be flowing back, etc. or DI could have misinformation (occasionally happens).