Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


Interesting map. It looks like the companies normally do not have their laterals cross I-10, although they do sometimes.

It looks like the rig is up at Ohnheiser. I don’t know if they are finished at Kainer. I guess it usually takes a few months before any production results are made public through the Railroad Commission. Anyone have word from the feed store on how Kainer went?


Another new pipeline announcement, this one from Giddings Field area to Katy Hub:


Haven’t heard a word on Kainer well ?? Where is the Ohnhesier well located, Gary ?? Curious …


They finished drilling the Ohnheiser well about a week ago. I would imagine they would frac the 2 wells back to back. The Ohnheiser well is a few miles NE of the Kainer.


Attached is where I am showing the Ohnheiser well to be, with the lateral heading to the southeast. It has a longer than usual lateral at almost 2 miles.

Even with a 2 mile lateral, it appears to fail, by a few feet, to reach WI’s “Freyburg / Komensky line” that he required in the first posting on this blog. Anyway, I suppose if any of us are called out for discussing this well outside WI’s red line, we can just hire the umpire from last night’s game to call it in.29°42’39.9_N 97°00’22.9_W - Google Maps1.pdf (161.9 KB)


Like they say, ‘close enough for government work’! So I guess I’ll let it slide… this time.

Back in post 418 I mentioned a possible pipeline. That’s been shelved so it’s a big ‘never mind’.

It’ll be interesting to see how these two wells turn out and if the results tempt them to get a little farther SE.


As the stock market takes yet another dump today, I somehow got interested in our friends at Sanchez again and see that their stock is at $2.04 as I type this. This is down from a high of $37.59 on about June 1, 2014.

I thought I’d go back in this thread and see exactly what we were talking about when Sanchez started down the road to perdition, but this new improved software truncates all of the posts and removed five years’ worth of posts between the beginning in 2012 and 2017. If anyone knows how to look at this, please let me know. I am disgruntled in any case, but I digress.

I went back on the Sanchez web site in Investor Relations and see that the main stock price fall came in the second half of 2014. They announced their acquisition of what they call Catarina in south Texas from Royal Dutch Shell at the end of June 2014.

Their SN stock actually touched $1.98 today, which is getting dangerously close to being delisted on the NYSE.

Maybe they should have stuck around in this area. Just sayin’.


I thought it was kinda interesting looking at Chiliman’s interactive map that the Ohnheiser well terminates exactly across FM 2238 from what is or was the Sanchez Sante well, see attached. I know the polite term is “offset well”, but I’m sure they won’t mind if a little bit of Sanchez oil travels their way. Maybe this will put a burr under the Sanchez … stock price.Chiliman- RRC Public GIS Viewer.pdf (285.3 KB)


Not that we care so much in this part of the county, but Penn Virginia was just bought:


…and in further news…

Chesapeake just bought Wildhorse. Chesapeake to buy oil producer WildHorse in $4 billion deal

Now where they got $4B from is anyone’s guess, but maybe Wildhorse just took a check.


No they took Chesapeake stock


I’ll be the one to cry “uncle” after no postings by anyone for almost a month.

Thought the attached was interesting following up on discussion concerning Sanchez apparently leaving our area. Looks like Sanchez likes the Eagle Ford, just not our part of the Eagle Ford. Of course, I am not certain that a $1 per share company has the most expertise on the matter.


This new format seems to promote new threads rather than newbies finding something that already exists that’s applicable to their situation. So there’s other info that pops up from time to time but nothing very applicable to our area. There’s this but I can’t find 2211 anywhere: Mineral lease offers in southern Fayette county A search on Google Maps only turns up FM 2211 in Harris County.

But back to us, I think I still have hurt feelings over being dumped by Sanchez. So with a nod to Mr. Clark (those of you who get this reference are truly SBG locals) my vocabulary word regarding Sanchez is ‘schadenfreude’.

Regarding our area of interest… I’ve heard nothing at all. You’d think that something… anything would happen with nat gas prices where they are, but I guess not. Back when I was gainfully employed, no new projects were ever started between Thanksgiving and New Year so there’s that too.

But I’m like you; just a sponge waiting for some kind of news.


Wonder if there is anything to read between the lines here. I noticed Santa Rosa is drilling the well west of Ammansville. I think GeoSouthern is the operator. I believe Santa Rosa was trying to sell their interest in the northern Lavaca and southern Fayette to them at one point.


Help me out please. What Santa Rosa well are you talking about? What’s the Lease Name so I can look it up for myself. I see that HBR sold their leases to Santa Rosa back in July but don’t see that they ever did anything with those leases.


I’m guessing it’s the Arthur unit, on the RRC website it says west of Ammansville. There is a Santa Rosa drilling #2 sign at 77 pointing toward Ammansville, but I don’t see a rig standing yet. The sign has been there a little over a week.


More on our favorite “schadenfreude”—looks like they retained a consulting firm that specializes, according to its website, in such things as restructuring, shareholder lawsuits and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After stating in upbeat language that they had retained the consulting firm, Sanchez stated there would be “no future announcements concerning the process until the company deems it appropriate.” So there–I guess I won’t post anything else about Sanchez until I deem it appropriate.


Didn’t Janis Joplin have a song, ‘Get It While You Can’?

Of course equity does not equal salary but still even at $1/share that ain’t bad.


Aha. Arthur is the one that had me confused back when it first posted. Not horizontal but directional. The plat really had me confused. I’m no drilling engineer (but I’ve played one on TV) but it seems to me that maybe they’re sidetracking off of an existing nearby well? Look at the distance of L1 on the plat; 219’. That would easily fit into the 40 acre unit size. Total conjecture on my part though.


Well yesterday evening the sign is gone. Someone playing tricks maybe.