Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


Interesting! I am south. Guess we shall see what’s the potential of the Kainer Unit.


The friend I spoke with has years of experience in this field and he says that the Federal Government does not have mineral rights under highways and says with certainty that there are many laterals drilled under I35W up by Ft. Worth. He also went on to say that his information and advice is worth exactly what I’m paying for it: Zero. Point. Zero.

I’m willing to bet he’s right though.


I also doubt that the powerful Texas politicians present during the planning of the interstate freeway system - such as LBJ and Sam Rayburn- would ever let a silly thing like a freeway get in the way of oil development.


Mr_ML … I heard today that they have located a site for one of these wells around the Praha area …Don’t know exact location though.


They have been in talks with several surface land owners…they were having trouble…they did not want the pad on their land…even though these people did NOT have a no surface drilling clause…looks like they found someone that was ok with it, or they are just going to do what they want as long as the set backs in the lease are adhered to…which they were when they asked the people in the first place…if you want no drilling or longer set backs from house or barn this needs to be in the lease contract…

and FYI—Tri-C did assign some of their leases to Penn Virginia. Penn is also asking surface owners who signed with Tri-C just above the county line (Lavaca/Fayette) for pad sites. the landowners are surprised that another company besides Tri-C are asking them…I guess Tri-C has not notified these Lessor’s


Tri-C has permitted a new Fayette County well, the Ohnheiser Unit 1H. It is targeting the Eagleford and according to the permit is located 5.32 miles NE of Flatonia.


This unit by Tri-C is east of Kainer Unit and borders the western side of Sanchez’s Salud unit. We should see some units to the south next if all goes well. These Chalk wells in this area, depending on results, could be very beneficial to most mineral owners in the southern portion of Fayette county…especially since the “best” acreage is “suppose” to be on the east side of southern Fayette per EOG .Hoping for some great results for Tri-C !!


Don’t know if those of you who post here are also on the list to receive notifications from what I call ‘the Fayette County blog’, but there’s some posting about the Arthur well that’s just been permitted at Ammannsville. I’m not sure how to get the link here, but will get it into another post…

Or maybe (probably) I’m all wet. It may not be ‘the Fayette County blog’ at all. I don’t know what things are any more, but it’s interesting reading none the less and since it’s in our area of interest I thought I’d put it here.



I’ve always been told there’s not a stupid question. So here goes, Is the property in that area (Pine Springs) marked Triple C part of Tri-C ?


You didn’t address your question to me, so pardon me barging in. Where are you looking to see something marked Triple C? And by that do you mean ‘CCC’ or ‘Triple C’? I don’t see either on the plat.


Here’s some news. I see that on 081418 HBR Petroleum and TMH Land Services both assigned 100% of their interest in about 145 leases to KEW Drilling and Santa Rosa Energy in an undivided 50/50 split. Most of these leases are in Fayette County but some in Lavaca.

Santa Rosa seems to be interested in gas production. Santa Rosa Energy | Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company


This should be the KEW flyer showing the Rifle Prospect. 3316-NAPEFeb18KEWFlyer.pdf (458.9 KB)


I believe the recently assigned leases are just part of the Rifle Prospect, HBR and TMH were brokers for Santa Rosa I believe.


The HBR leases shown in Exhibit A of the Assignment document are not all inclusive. So ‘some’ of their leases were sold to Santa Rosa / KEW and they will together own 100% of those leases on a 50/50 basis. HBR is retaining no interest in those leases.

This is all confusing but at a minimum it appears that KEW is no longer trying to sell their leases as shown on the February sales flyer from NAPE. Maybe they had no bites on the sale and since they figured they were pot committed they’d throw in with Santa Rosa and actually drill a few wells.


They are still marketing the Rifle prospect. They had fliers out for summer NAPE. Both KEW and Ross are wanting to get rid of their entire package, neither plan to drill a well. Tri-C drilling their well to the NW could help to a certain degree, but it will still take someone drilling a well in this Eastern Fayette/Northern Lavaca area to prove it up.


I went back and got the two documents where HBR and TMH sold their leases (or whatever) to KEW and Santa Rosa.HBR to KEW & Santa Rosa 081418.pdf (778.9 KB) TMH to KEW and Santa Rosa 081418.pdf (402.4 KB) Particularly note the second paragraph where it states that KEW and Santa Rosa will each own an undivided 1/2 interest in the leases. The date of this document was on or about June 1st of 2018.

Maybe this is not the Rifle Prospect per se?

I’m probably unnecessarily confused.


It is my understanding that everything Santa Rosa leased/had assigned into them is now jointly owned 50/50 with KEW. We leased to TMH and I know our lease is currently held jointly. And they are still trying to unload this acreage, no one gave me any indication of plans to drill this area at summer NAPE. Definitely a divestment and move on.


Well it’s now October, the best time of the year, with football, baseball playoffs, dove season, and approaching deer season. West Texas Intermediate is now over $75 so that should be a good thing too, right? Right?

I find it hard to believe that NOTHING seems to be happening in our area. What’s it gonna take for someone to actually do something? $150/bbl oil?

Now that I’ve complained, I do have one item of interest. I was approached by a pipeline company who MAY be doing a feasibility study on a pipeline from SW of Caldwell down to Corpus. It would be a gas gathering pipeline, and a line from south of SBG up to Caldwell pretty much runs through the activity to our NE. Plus Corpus is where some of the LNG terminal capability is being built.

Even though I was not sworn to secrecy I hesitate to say too much more but I’m wondering if anyone else has heard anything about this pipeline.


If anybody still reads this…

I just saw in a financial newsletter that a cold April and a hot summer have combined to decrease natural gas storage to the lowest level since 2003 and down 15% from where storage levels were going into last winter. So we should all hope for a really cold winter because it would cause storage levels to drop below 500 billion cubic feet and probably cause natural gas prices to double.

This is just one newsletter so if anyone has better or conflicting information please post.

Oh and one other related item. I hear that Kinder Morgan is building a gas pipeline from ‘around Praha’ down to their gas processing plant at Sheridan. Additionally, some people have already gotten paid for their easements (even though it’s not on Texasfile yet) so this would appear to be a fairly done deal. This combined with my prior post about the potential Caldwell pipeline makes things pretty interesting around here.


Sanchez drilled a number of wells under I-10 west of Flatonia . Zoom in on this site just west of Flatonia …