Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


After watching Sherlock on PBS I thought I’d give it another try. Here’s the links:

Unsure how you can get from these and DYOR on the RRC though. Hopefully Clint will see this and help us out.


WI, are you saying you haven’t been able to find those completion reports on RRC yourself? Can’t picture that since most I know was picked up from you and others on here but here’s a link in case it’s needed

No sure which wells you were saying indicated there is less than you thought to be excited about on the west end of Washington County. If you haven’t seen it here’s a link to the latest update of that Austin Chalk Revival report that, after the 1st couple of pages that recap old information, gives a lot of good detail on recent activity there. The fact the author of that site remains anonymous bothers me but so far what he’s said and shown there has turned out to be on target.

Keep the faith. Washington County folks felt left out back when Fayette and Lee County were getting all the attention but things can change.


Thanks for your link, Dusty. From there I was able to get to the nice W-2 PDFs. Getting there on the RRC site was still a little klugy but at least now I know.

I sure do want to believe the Dude and I’m ready to drink the oily (or gassy) kool-aid but as this drags on, I’m getting more and more skeptical.




Wonder what’s up with last entry saying this site closed 1 day ago and then reopened?

If you can put up with something a little out of your main AOI maybe we can keep things going.

The EOG Tonkawa well should ring a bell with some regulars here. There’d been lots of discussion about it in different parts of the forum going back probably two years. The original vertical well called the Tonkawa was drilled just across the line in Colorado County with Pallas shown as the operator. But there were rumors, including in that original report at, that Pallas was fronting for EOG, and this was their initial research well for a big stealth play possibly involving parts of 3 or more counties. That was partly confirmed when EOG took over from Pallas and added a horizontal leg on the well last January. There was talk about a big gas find there but nothing seemed to happen for months. Recently someone in the area reported the Tonkawa was fracked in June and work was underway on a pipeline connection. No completion report has been filed but that seems standard for EOG.

Today the filings Courthousedirect showed in their Colorado County lease alert included a new unit designation EOG filed in July for the Tonkawa increasing the original 234 acre drilling unit to a total of 1240 acres. It also showed more new leases and lots of ratifications recorded by Pallas in that area.

The same lease alert showed about 150 new leases recorded in July by someone called Riviera Exploration LLC. They were all in Colorado County, in the area south of Weimar and just below I-10, but close to the line with Fayette County (centered on J. Tinker Survey A-560 and lots in adjoining Clapp, M & R Andrews, and Swarte Surveys) roughly 5 miles east of Hwy 77.

The effective dates show Riviera started accumulating those leases as far back as January. Riviera offices in Corpus, apparently doesn’t have a drilling record, and as far as I can tell hasn’t recorded leases before in Colorado or any adjoining counties. That seems to say flipper, or someone in the same role Pallas has played for EOG. Here’s a little pure speculation I’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts on: If EOG’s recent move forward on the Tonkawa (and continued leasing in that area by their front company, Pallas) says they like what they’ve seen there, could this area Riviera has been blocking up be the southern extension of their play?


I can add that in May of '17 numerous leases in Colorado County were filed by Jeter (AKA EOG) iin the WW Thompson, Jesse Burnham, and James O’Farrell Surveys. Plus Jeter leased numerous tracts in the Krier and Taylor Surveys in Fayette County which is just to the west of that. The idea that EOG has left the building for the NE seems to be true for the present, but that doesn’t change the fact that they have numerous leases south of IH 10 and over to about FM 979 (St. John Road).

I did some poking around on Riviera and came up with nothing except that the Director, President, and Manager is Hilmer Hauglum. So there. I have made an inquiry of my guy who may be able to find out something… anything… about Tonkawa. If they’ve filed anything at all he’ll find out.

After staring at this for about 10 minutes, I just want to add the rhetorical question, what’s up with these huge Units? I guess a little bit is better than nada, but good grief! Those pie slices can only be so thin.


Thanks ML …Good information ! Hope they agree on terms real soon !!!


I spoke with someone in San Antonio today about EOG. First, read this if you haven’t already: Press Release : EOG Resources, Inc. Scroll down to the section about South Texas Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk.

In addition to what you read there, EOG is also in the process of buying about 150,000 acres in Webb County in a known gassy/condensate area. Word has it that they’re very interested in that side of production, which leads us back to Tonkawa. The linked press release makes it sound like they sure won’t have time to be fooling around in our area considering everything else that they have going on, but on the other hand it does seem to connect some dots even if not in a straight line.

The last bit of information is that the EOG office pushing all of this expansion is located in Corpus. Sooner or later RRC documents must be filed and I guess that most of the leases in our area are just about halfway through the primary period, so I guess we’ll hear something sooner rather than later. (Deja vu kicking in…)


Thanks for the link. Also listened to their conference call but didn’t find any more detail.

No doubt this is way down EOG’s priority list but glad they’re continuing to take steps that might get it moved up at some point.

Bitching about this new system is a waste of time but I’m convinced there are folks in this area who are interested and have knowledge to share but aren’t finding these posts. The line “closed X days ago” shown at the bottom of several pages seems to say if posts stop for a while that page disappears or at least can’t be responded on. The exception seems to be the county index pages.

Anybody else out there seeing this? Send up a flare.



You mentioned “county index pages”… where and how do I find these?


May be a more direct way to get there but on the upper left of this page if you’ll click Home (or the flag) then at the top of the Home page click County Index it will pull up a list of states. Scroll down and click Texas and you’ll get a list of counties. Scroll down again an click the county you want. If you want to go from there to another county click the down arrow by the county name and the list of counties will open again.

It looks like what I said about those county pages not ever closing may be wrong since I wasn’t able to access some of the old topics I found there.


Thank you, Dusty1. This was helpful.

J. Michal


Not exactly in our area of interest, but the rig for the Kainer Unit has been stood up as of this morning (Monday). It was not there on Saturday morning. So Tri-C seems to have put their money where their leases are. Wish them luck!

Heck of a long URL to follow, but it should get you to the Kainer Drilling Permit, plats, etc.


The Kainer rig is across the road from me. Oh so close! Does anyone know if drilling horizontally under I-10 is not allowed?


29° 43’ 19.52_N 97° 04’ 52.59_W to Unnamed Road, Flatonia, TX 78941 - Google Maps.pdf (1.9 MB)

After getting East and West Longitude mixed up and winding up in China, I think I was able to input the well coordinates into Google maps and produce a little easier to read map. Does the attached look correct with the drill site as the starting point, and the terminus of the lateral up to the northwest?


Just saw the map -getting closer -thanks to all for the updates !!


I just asked someone who knows this stuff, and he said that for sure that horizontal wells can be drilled under interstate highways provided that the operator has the leases on both sides of the highway. The landowners on each side of the highway own out to the middle of the right of way (provided that they own the minerals).


In a previous post I mentioned that Tri-C has the tracts to put 2 units to the south of Kainer unit, and possibly 1 to the east. The next unit south would go under I-10, and the next one would cross US 90 and end on the northern portions of Prost units C and O. However, even though these are good to go, it is not clear yet if they are going to wait to see the outcome of the Kainer unit before continuing on. the thinking is that the 2 units to the south could be lower Eagleford.


Thank you for answering my question. I see that they are going under State Highway 609 for the Kainer Unit and was told they can not drill horizontally under I-10. Was wondering if being an Interstate made a difference. We own the mineral rights under I-10. Thanks again. I have been reading this Forum for a few years. Informative and helpful.