Leases In Eastern Fayette & Lavaca Counties


Mr_ML that would be great - my daughter and husband has land there they leased several months back] just so they come back to Praha - Lol …


I sure hope you heard right, MR_ML, about Tri-C drilling Shiner Units first. Whenever you hear something about that, please post.


Dang ML, with this new system I didn’t know the responses were here.

I know you have some great info contacts, but IMHO some of your speculation isn’t adding up. If you look at the old layouts of the former Sanchez HBP leases, specifically units O & H, I don’t see how Tri-C could put a pad on Clark’s place and do a NW orientation. Seems to me if they want to tuck in there they would have to have the 110 acres to the south. When I talked to Penn they had zero interest in going north of the county line. If that is where Tri-C wants to be, it would seem to reflect the old Sanchez unit L layout which tucks in under O and to the east of H. If Penn got the 110 on the county line, why didn’t they offer for the 125 across the street?

However, Sanchez unit O hasn’t been running in several months. Maybe it’s going shut-in status and releasing most of O??.. just a thought.

As far as the no-drill pad clause you reference, i’m pretty confident that doesn’t exist on the lease you reference:wink:. However, there is a “not within 1500 feet without negotiation” clause.


Penn already got the 110 acres, and a pad is going in the nw corner of it…this unit will be together with mostly kubenka tracts—old dairy land. As far as Tri-C, they are looking at a pad on Charlie clark’s place, same southeast corner Sanchez had paid him years back on. This will shoot to the northwest, but only a 4000 lateral. They could have gone off the 125 acres, but it looks like you guys would be in the unit that shoots straight to the north…ending at the southern part of Prost “O”. You guys would not see the pad for your unit, but would see the other one across FM 1295. Tri-C is still missing some of the tracts they need for your unit though. Tri-C looks to be doing a well in shiner first.

Also Fyi—Penn is looking to put a pad on the simper place for the next unit east (tract south of the 125 acres) …shooting to the south/southeast. they were going on hattie Janek’s place, but now AT&T is going to put up a huge antenna in the fields of Janek’s and Carl henke’s.

Penn has been talking to the landowners/surface owners for a couple of months now…drilling to start in this section first part of 2019…pad construction could be nov/dec this year they said.



Mr. ML, do you know where Tri-C might drill first in the Shiner area?


Mr. ML which Simper are you referring to. Is it out near Praha.


Hey guys -keep us posted on the happenings in Fayette County - Thanks and God bless !!


And also Lavaca County. Haven’t seen any posts in several weeks. Has anything been posted or do I just not know how to retrieve them!


I believe you will get messages here - it took me awhile to find this site after several months of being able to open it ……I saved it so I wouldn’t loose it again - Lol


I know, it’s been so difficult for me. I wish they wouldn’t have had to change. I really knew how to maneuver the old site. I feel like I’m missing out on soooo much info now.


Any speculation what’s behind the permit Geosouthern filed recently for a well they called the Lednicky? The location is in the Hall Survey a couple of miles east of Hwy 77.

The surprising part, at least to me, was they permitted it as a vertical Wildcat well going to 9500’.

Two horizontal wells Geosouthern completed last year called the Osina and Breitkreuz were drilled from a pad that’s about 1000’ south of this new location. Their formation logs called the top of the Chalk about 11800’. It seems like Geosouthern should already have plenty of data on anything shallower that might be productive in that area.


It’s a mystery to me at least. I thought I had something on page 4 of the As Approved Permit where it says ‘disposal’ but that can’t be right because Geosouthern permitted the South Chalk SWD not three miles from there back in March. I’ve been hoping for some kind of activity in our area of interest since oil went above $60 but this is not exactly what I had in mind.


The reference to SWR #13 is State Wide Rule #13 which concerns cementing and other well requirements. On Lednicky permit it seems to be referencing the disposal zones where there will be corrosive fluids and the operator needs to be sure to cement off. You can research on the RRC website.


Didn’t think it was for SWD because there are shallower Wilcox or Glen Rose zones they could used for that.


Tri-C has 2 sites in shiner. they have an area south of shiner in the Johnson league on some expired Devon acreage…the other site is east of shiner mainly in the J Woods League which is next to the Welhausen units, on the north side of US 90. these have not been permitted…still trying to ensure all tracts are good to go.

Now they have permitted the unit in the Muldoon Leagues Abstracts 75 and 76. This is to the west of the old sanchez Salud unit north of I-10.

They also have the availability to do another 1-2 units right below this one…again still hammering out the kinks. This unit or units would end on the north side of the old Sanchez units C and O. They also have a site below units C and O but again working our some tract issues.

I personally like the one in the Muldoon league since we have not had to much success in that part of the woods. This well is a bit of a test, and they do have plans to go into the chalk with a northwest latereal…and see whatever else there may be…


Thanks for the update ML …Just received notice that Enervest assigned all it’s rights to Frazier Resources - this interest of mine is west of Flatonia, around the old rest stop area… Interesting to see what happens with this transfer …Hopefully, prayerfully -some new wells - drill, baby, drill !!! Thanks You, Jesus !


Some more Updates for parts of Lavaca and Fayette…Looks like Penn Virginia is going to announce some acreage swaps in the next few weeks. Some of these swaps will include cash as well as some operators holding on to some royalty percentages. the companies I have heard in this deal include the likes of Rocky Creek/Delago , Teal, and Tri-C plus they have been talking to Lonestar and a couple of other operators who have leases or existing units around their acreage. Now there seems to be a 3-way deal between Tri-C, Penn and Rocky Creek…not sure if it will work out though, but a lot of shifting of leases…and some cash. FYI- Rocky Creek is owned by Boomtown oil. Boomtown is backed by Juniper, which funded Delago to get all of those leases in the last 2+ years. For people who have current leases with these operators, these changes IF they go through could be good or bad…you might end up with a different operator than you signed with… Also Penn V has hired Jefferies to seek strategic Alternatives for their company. the Board of Directors, mainly the banks/investors that came out of the bankruptcy want to see more value, and are interested in a corporate sale, or merger, or even an acquisition—which the latter would cost some more money—but is an option. Tri-C still leasing trying to fill the holes in Fayette & Lavaca county. Looks like they almost have the tracts for the units below the Kainer unit they just permitted…these units would include the Praha area. They might also be able to put another unit east of Kainer. Does not look like these units would be in the swap plan, but Tri-C leases just below this in Fayette county and all Lavaca holdings of Tri-C could be in the swap mix with Penn and Rocky C. Hopefully the swap news…or some of it, will be coming out shortly. IF they can finally agree on terms…


Clint_Liles posted the links for four RRC completion reports. It showed up on my phone but now that I’m looking on a real computer I sure don’t know where they are. Not on this thread for sure. Frankly, I’m tired of futzing around with this new, improved software so I can’t tell you exactly how to get to them. The bottom line is that I spent some time with a close family member this weekend and I showed him the links and got his opinion.

The links are all for GeoSouthern wells: Charbula 1H, Charbula 2H, Herbrich 1H, and Keilers. The first three are in the Ammannsville area and Keilers is around Fayetteville. When I asked about the links, I got much more than my brain could handle (drinking from a fire hose?) because out came the laptop, and several pieces of high end software were accessed to get some information.

To simplify it way down to the basics, Keilers in Fayetteville is a really good well. The other three are not very good with the Charbula 2H probably never going to even turn a profit. And even with all the idle talk about the east side and off toward the NE, almost all of the wells drilled so far are not very productive when compared to other areas (I’m getting to that). The really odd thing is that this software analyzes multiple wells simultaneously and even up into Washington County there’s less to be excited about than I was led to believe.

So to you gamblers, it appears that GeoSouthern at least is pot committed and they and others will be trying to make chicken salad out of chicken you-know-what. The lone bright spot that I could see in this whole conversation is that all of the wells (even the sorry one) have an API of over 50 which is condensate and currently more valuable.

I was in Midland for the weekend and that place is humming! Man camps everywhere and it looks like all of them are full. I was told that anyone with a CDL who can pass a pee test can get a job driving a vac truck and the restaurants and other places can’t keep employees because they’re all leaving to work in the oilfield. To illustrate this, a weeknight single room at La Quinta is $399/night. Check it out on their web site. I’m not kidding. The only thing holding them back is pipeline shortage to ship it to refineries in Houston or Corpus.

Hate to be a Debbie Downer but there it is. All these local yokel companies should probably just sell their acreage for a goat and a wagon, barbecue the goat and sell then wagon. Then go buy acreage in the Permian.


Sad sad situation… why didn’t the rest of us get that information from Clint Liles? Every time I look to see what info I can find, it’s always in the past years like 2013-2015. Where is all of the current conversation? Is there nothing going on in the Eagle Ford counties anymore?


I guess that is why KEW and Ross have no viable offers on their “properties” for sale…and the “rumor” that EOG/Jeter will not be paying the options on their leased tracts.