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Anything at all going on in Jefferson County?

Jefferson Co OK 28-4S-5W I have 3.61 nma's for lease. Current offer, $100, 1/8 or $50, 3/16, both 3 yrs. Know of any better offers? I think I'll rely on force pooling: Offer won't be any less, term will be 6 mo's to a year. Why not?

Which brings up another issue: OK is a "marketable product jurisdiction". See the case law, in Mittelstaedt V Santa Fe Minerals, Inc., 954 P 2d 1203 (Okla 1998). . If you go to force pooling, why won't the ALJ at the OCC hearing follow the Mittelstaedt case, rather than requiring the Royalty Owner (RO) to be paid at the well head, requiring the RO to be paid post production expenses, contrary to the Mittelstaedt case.

Last post, error: last two lines to read, "head, requiring the RO to pay post production expenses, contrary to the Mittelstaedt case.

Mr Wilson i have a few acres south of yours in 5S i belive it is, if you dont mind me asking do you know who is leasing in the area? We have few in Stephens county and contenintal resources leased them but no offer in Jefferson co

George it that $100.00 & $50.00

Yes, that's $100 for the 1/8, and $50 for the 3/16

I have been told I have RI north of Ringling. Does the name Whittington or Allen ring any bells?

In 2012 we leased MI in section 29, T3S, R4W for $125 with 3/16, 3 yrs. Later in 2012 we leased our MI in 32 under fortunate circumstances. We had 2 people from the same office who were unknowingly competing against each other. They finally caught on and said they would honor the highest offer and no more. We got $225/ac. 3/16!

Two wells have been drilled in Sect 29, T3S R4W. They were completed in Jan and Feb this year according to Both flowed at 8 barr./day.

My question is - Wll the operator find it profitable to produce from these wells?

For everyone in these discussions....

Do NOT do business with Ferrell Oil out of Oklahoma City. We had an offer to purchase minerals in Grady County, 11-03-06. Jim Meyer with Ferrell said he represents a college endowment fund and wanted to purchase our property for the school. We negotiated a purchase contract with them and was asked to fax it to them with our signature so they could show it to the school to get funding to close the purchase. He said it would take 30 days to do a title opinion. They, however, never did sign the contract and return it to us.

As it turns out, they are a broker and do not purchase property for their clientele rather than look for a buyer once you agree to sell to Ferrell Oil. They will want to issue you a 30 day bank draft and if they can't find a buyer for your property in those 30 days, they just don't pay the draft. We negotiated to be paid by ACH/Wire Transfer.

We will find another buyer but DO NOT do business with Ferrell Oil out of Oklahoma City unless you want to sit around, be lied to and then never get the deal closed.

Also be wary of them doing business under another name.

I am needing info concerning lease terms for minerals located in 05-5S-5W Jefferson Co. Has anyone received any offers here?

Is anyone receiving lease offers in:




Could be good news for Jefferson County down the road.

In going through some papers in the family's TRUST book, I've discovered a deed recorded in March of 1985 that deeds the minerals from my aunt to my mother. Both women are now deceased, and since my aunt was a missionary in India, her minerals were deeded over to my mother. According to the deed, these are in the "Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SW 1/4 SW 1/4 SW 1/4) of Section 29, Township 4 South, Range 4 West IM and containing 10 acres more or less". Is anyone aware of any activity in these areas?

I have an interest right next door in S30 4S 4W but no activity as of yet, maybe all the drilling up in Stephens Co will spur interest south in Jefferson again. Geological%20Survey.pdf Here is a geological survey from awhile ago.

"The state of Oklahoma is currently the fifth-biggest oil producer in the US, but that could change. Quoting Harold Hamm of Continental Resources, the Daily Oklahoman notes that tax incentives in the Sooner State ARE increasing oil production, and could raise Oklahoma to #3, passing Alaska and California along the way." <

Thanks so much for the information and the links to other news. I appreciate the effort y'all have taken to better educate me.

Does anyone have information On Jefferson County 24-3S-4W?

I am asking again does anyone have info on 24-3S-4W ???? Val Carter

Does anyone have acreage to lease in Jefferson?