Grady County, OK - General Discussion

#183 will help with most of the counties in OK. Grady has it’s own spot Canadian also has a site. Do you need it?


Not that I know of… :roll_eyes:. No idea where all his minerals are. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::man_shrugging:


I found a list that was in some old files back in ‘88 that had a list one tracts that I had never seen. I can’t fins anything on on the idoc website. Maybe I’m doing it wrong… did search for Beeler and the legal, but found nothing. Could very well be before ‘89 so they wouldn’t be on the site.


I knew George and Ruby. Have no idea how to find all he might have purchased over time but he seemed to be a meticulous businessman. Martha will surely be a great asset in finding out. I know he had O/G investments in other states also. Good Folks


The courthouse in each county will have anything older than the early 90’s. Digital only goes back so far…

You might need a land man to do the hunting once you find everything digital on your own. They have access to other data bases and land men.

You might also try the unclaimed funds treasurer’s sites in other states and see if anything is being held in suspense. Also try Delaware as many companies are domiciled there.


Thank you Jim for the kind words. I have tried to get in touch with GW Thomas who was good friends with them. He hasn’t returned calls or emails. My grandma Ruby would call him on occasion when she was stumped about the minerals. Once George died she was lost. Thank you for the info about other states. I had no clue.


Jim, Do you happen to know what states he had minerals in other than Oklahoma? Or what counties besides Grady and McClain in Oklahoma? I’m grasping at straws here… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Sorry I do not. Dad mentioned one time George was in Texas doing some work on property. Seems there was some shallow work in Kansas as I remember. Mom tried to help your Grandmother out on a few things along after George passed. You know how to get in touch with G.W. don’t you?


I have emailed and called but got no response. I didn’t know if he was even still around. Is he doing ok?


I haven’t lived around there for a LONG time. For whatever info you may need in Grady County,If I were you I would contact Sharon Shoemake past County Clerk of 30+ years inre; G.W. , etc. She’s wonderful and highly knowledgeable. Sorry I’m not more benefit ion these regards.


Thanks Jim. Is she on this site?


Any royalty SALES in Section 5, Twnshp 9, Range 5 West or in Section 4? Thank you. Virginia Wenger


Was offered $11,000 an acre for a 5 acre tract in 4-5-5. No sale.


Heard of offers from $4300 in 5 to $4500 in 7. Much more farther east. Totally depends upon your royalty. Those are probably too low in my opinion.


Thanks so much. I Have been offered $11,000.


Most recent sale in 5-9N-5W was 20 acres for $230,000… that is $11,500/per NMA. Next one is 10 acres for $120,000… that is $12,000/per NMA. I saw some recent transactions this year as low as $6,000/per NMA

So it is like always… Seller beware!


Mineral deed sale in early August, 2018 for $267,500 for 10.0143104 NMA in section 3-9N-5W, 6.69334 NMA in section 4-9N-5W and 10 NMA in section 5-9N-5W. That is about $10,000 acre.


For anyone interested in looking at current final orders for poolings in Grady County you can look them up here…

Below is a list of current ones presented on township/range format. A couple of them are what is called an, “ORDER NUNC PRO TUNC” where they corrected something on the original order. You will find the original final order number in that document. Cross you fingers I didn’t transpose anything.


I was wondering if you looked at the terms of the underlying leases? Where the royalty rates different - 12.5% vs 18.75% or 20%? Was one gross and the other net (permitted post production costs)? Your post seems to imply some sellers received a poor deal, which they may have, but as you are aware value is a function of location and lease terms.


Thanks so much, Don, for all your information. I have 110 acres that has been in my family since 1920. I do like to be informed.