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Section? I don’t see that listed.



Who posted information on Section 19 T9 Range 5 West? Sounds good but not my 5 9 5.


I did not look up the terms of the underlying leases… Individuals were getting the lower price from an LLC and the LLC was then re-selling the minerals at a higher price, i.e., LLC bought from individual for $7,500/NMA and resold to another LLC for $11,500/NMA.


Terisa, I am still working that list up. If you pull up the pooling final order number it will show the section(s) involved.


Going through the records, Don is right. Although, you should keep in mind that companies aren’t always truthful on these conveyance documents when it comes to pricing so that other companies can’t gauge what their sell/buy prices are. Also, the price reflects the royalty lease held to the lands; the higher the royalty, the more money. They don’t list this variable on the conveyance documents. If you have a bona fide offer of $11,000/nma based on a 3/16 royalty, that is a fair price if you were looking to sell. But yes, seller beware. Make sure that they are a credible company before moving forward on anything.


Thanks for your advice. Still not selling. Virginia


I have mineral rights in 24-9-5. We now have 3 companies with new permission from the OCC to drill into our area: Roan, EOG, and Camino. Looks like things are really heating up in Grady County. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? What research are they using to decide this is now a good risk of capital?


Probably only one of those listed will actually get the operator position. This is a very active area in Grady county with the potential for multiple horizontal wells.

Horizontal drilling has been going on in Grady for many years now, so much research has gone into the learnings from previous wells, optimal frac techniques, etc.

Read over the Grady county topics over the last few months and you can find good info. Also, look up the investor presentations for Roan, EOG, Camino, Continental Resources, Newfield and Marathon.


Does Camino have investor material? I can’t find any.


Found that online. They were just started in 2017. Camino’s financial sponsor is NGP Energy Capital Management. NGP is an active investor in: | Natural Gas Partners


PE backed entities usually do not publish any investor material as they are owned by the Private Equity Firm and management.


They are a subsidiary of Jericho Corp. I believe


If you want a good investor presentation with excellent maps, lists of wells, strategy, look up the Gulfport presentations. Here is the August one. Another one would be out soon.


November’s Q3 presentation was posted today.

Presentations :: Gulfport Energy Corporation (GPOR)GPOR 2018 11 NOV 3Q2018_Web.pdf (1.9 MB)


Thanks. They must have posted it a few minutes ago. I was hunting for it.


Section 11-5N-6W… view from my backyard… Location of the Burton 3 0506 1-11-2WXH and the Burton 4 0506 11-14-23WX … not sure which is being drilled first.


Good to hear, got the papers a few weeks ago. Burton 3 is in the NW corner extending south to Burton 2 in the Woodford. Burton 4 is adjacent to Burton 1 and will extend south into the adjacent section in the Woodford. A well is also planned in the section to the north that will extend into Sec 11 toward Burton 1.


I received a notice regarding Cause CD No. 201808464-T wherein Camino Natural Resources, LLC is applying for an emergency order to drill a multiunit horizontal well in sections 17 and 20 8N 7W. They allege that they will have significant losses due to lease expirations on November 24 and in December so they have contracted with Cactus Rig 132 to start drilling on November 30. I thought leases were held by production, which I understood to be actually bringing product to the surface and ready to sell. Won’t they have to renew the lease that expires on 11/24?


Leases have two terms-the primary term has the right to drill and has no production. If the first well finds production, then the lease moves into the secondary term and is termed “held by production”.

If they spud before a lease expires, they do not have to renew and the lease (at least most of them) are held by the drilling operations until completion. If they miss the date, then they have to renew. This can get expensive as each township can have hundreds of lessors.