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@PHYLLIS_TIMS and @M_Barnes you’re welcome.


DANSIL 1-15-10XH Completion Report

Generally, how can I find out what mineral rights are selling for in 7N-5W. I know it depends a lot on the situation, so I’m not looking for a specific number. Also, I’m aware that the further west you are the offers may be higher, since Continental has announced a new drilling program. My lease is at 1/4 and there’s a producing well in my section. Thanks.

Good Morning All! A little hard getting accustomed to the new website. So please feel free to point anything to me :slight_smile: Any updates on Bovine 28-4-6?

Kristy, Bovine 28-4-6 was completed on March 14, 2018. Completion test results were 19843 mcf/day with a choke of 38/64.
Was listed on the OTC tax site as active on 3/21/18, so that means you should be seeing a Division Order in about September or so.

I have heard ranges from 4700/ac to 20,000/ac in that township. Before you decide to sell, remember the potential for many more wells on your property and what the future full value will be…

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That sounds like a really good gas well. Do you have any thoughts on 29-4-6? Could it have similar results?


29-4N-6W is in gas territory as well. If the completion techniques are the same, reservoir properties are similar, etc., then similar results are possible. Keep in mind, this was only a 24 hour test, but it was a good one.
Lots of leasing in 29 in 2016 and 2017 by Continental, but no OCC cases yet. I would think they would get busy before those leases expire in 2019.

Howdy Don, Thanks for the Form 2000A for Dansil a gas well.

I have no idea where on the forum I am posting this missive, hope you will see it. Everytime I log in I dropped in a different location…this time I found a long list of threads, some in different Counties?

My lease is up next April, that’s why I was curious

Howdy rdub, You were right on the money with your post… right location and all.

Mr. Barnes, Do you have any info about sections 4 and 9 in 8 north 7 west. The last I heard TPR was scheduled to have a hearing on May 15. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thank you so much!!

Still pending. OCC says new date was July 10 which has obviously passed. Thank Kenny Debose for putting the general discussions back on!

Thanks for the update. I appreciate you.

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