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I’m pleased with the work Dick McCalla has done for my family: McCalla Brown Patel LLP in Chickasha. 405-224-3626


It could be that you will have to probate some estates where previously you did proof of death and heirships. Some oil companies are not accepting the affidavits even though previous oil companies did.


I may need to do that, but first will try another letter to them. On another note, is there a site to look up Division Orders?

Thank you


There is no site to look up Division Orders. Each company holds them privately. You can request a copy from the company. It gets a bit more difficult if the company has bought another company. Sometimes those records are in offsite storage and are not properly indexed and hard to find.


Thank you. My concern here is if I have lost the division order what recourse do I have to update it?


You can send a new one. Better to get a copy of the old one from the operator to make sure that the description is correct and the decimal is correct first. Then, if you want to change the $100 minimum to $25, you can do so using the NADOA form.
0_NADOA_Division Order Example 2-15-1.pdf (71.7 KB)

If you have horizontal wells that go through two more sections, do not assume that they will necessarily have the same decimal amount on them as their length will be different.


For what it is worth, I am getting paid on this well via TEP Anadarko


Is there a web site to look up mineral deeds in grady county? excludes Grady county. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:



Thank you rolfhill…I was finally got a small payment in Sept and then a better one in Oct…maybe they are getting their business sorted out…drilling all around BUT not here!


What’s the best way to see who currently is lessee on a given section? I was trying to look up my lease through idocmarket and see a different name on the lease than the company that’s paying me royalties.


There can be many lessees on a given section. The operator pays the royalties.
You can see who that is by your checks. Also, you can look up the well in the OK Tax site and see who is buying the oil or gas. Very old wells may have one or more gas company paying royalties and one or more oil companies paying royalties. These days with legislation, the operator is responsible for payment.

Usually, you have to look up a new horizontal well starting with the bottom hole location. If not there, then work your way up the hole section by section until you find it.


I’m sorry if this is not in the appropriate spot. I’m would like to find out the status of the Jack David well. I know it as spud in Feb of 2018. How do we find out if it’s completed and producing? We are in 9 7 7. Also is the company who owns it now Apache? I tried to look them up and had no luck. Thanks


I went to this site. Gross Production I don’t know what PUN is, nor API, nor Lease Name, or Merge, or how to get the license no. Will someone please explain what all these words mean? I thought the well I want info on is JackDavid.


S9 7N 7W? you can simply search by location.

so click on new search, go down to search by legal.

you will need to know the surface location


looks like surface location is in section 8

I do not see a completion report on OCC site.

the operator should be Camino Natural Resources. A transfer was filed in October.

Apache Corp’s website is They are one of the largest independent’s in the country.


Thank you, Jeffrey!..


My emails and documentation I sent in worked. They have placed my sister & I on Pay status and we should see a check for past due owed to us!


Congratulations, Hunter!


Hi guys… Does anyone know if a way to look up mineral rights by owner name? My grandfather, George R Beeler was a mineral broker in Grady and McClain county. He bought and sold minerals all his life from 1930’s to the 1980’s. I have inherited his minerals and, with help from Martha Barnes, have found ones that were unknown to the family. Any help is much appreciated! Terisa Miller