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If they’re reading the oil chart like i am, they might want to lock down the rights before oil starts running.


The ‘source’ is just how i read chart patterns. It’s an abstract art. I could be wrong - been wrong before. I’m long and suffering at the moment. These high speed algos love to take moves to the extreme.


Right. I annotate my own charts using - $WTIC in this instance. I have a paid sub but you can use it for free too. There are patterns that repeat and over time you can get a handle on what should lead to what. I think i’m alone in feeling bullish. Everyone’s a bear at the moment.


To Stephen Weeks,

Echo offered me a three year lease with a per acre one time payment up front ranging from $2,300 to $3,500 an acre plus a percentage of the production. They are wanting these rights immediately. I keep thinking there is something up for a company to go after the minerals in the manner they are negotiating.


John Ross: Could you explain this in more detail, perhaps with a pointer to the source? I sense an educational opportunity here. :slight_smile:


Steven Longino, would you mind sharing a little more information on how much acreage and the royalty percentage tied to the $2,300 to $3,500 range?



I was offered $2,300 at 1/5 royalty, $2,500 at 3/16 royalty and finally $3,500 at 1/8. This cash is a one time payment upfront with Echo Operating


Sorry, you’re assuming I know more than I do. What charts are you referring to? I already understood that you were reading them and drawing inferences, but I’m not even sure what charts these are or how to access them. Just trying to learn a bit. If it’s too much trouble, don’t worry about it.


Aha! I do know about technical investing, though I don’t personally find it appealing. I thought you were talking about either something geological or something associated with specific well production. Sorry. :frowning:


roup . Isee no action in my area of 28&29 . could use some info. thanks Sid


I am looking for a landman in Carter County to do a title search on my mother who past away this spring?


Scott Heller, 580/■■■■


Mr Eby, what township and range?


Stephen- township 4s- range 3e. Sid


We have been approached about selling our mineral rights in Carter county and wanted to get a sense of what activity and pricing levels are.




Dear Mr Eby, I don’t see any applications for sections 28 and 29 in the past few years. I also don’t see any leases recorded since 2015. A few mineral deeds have changed hands in sec 28 in the past few months but not a lot of activity. Sorry for the delay in my reply.


Rowan, Depends on location of minerals.


I am trying to contact Mr. Eby as we both seem to own mineral rights in section 29 Carter Co.


To Sidney Eby, yes or how about first by e-mail? I am at


nevery see any comments on our comment wall is carter ct dead. sid sect29-30