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We have mineral rights in Carter County, Sec 14 and 23, T 5S, R 3W and have been contacted by Cambria Energy about leasing our interest. No offer has been given. Does anyone know anything about Cambria Energy or any leasing activity in this area? I am new to this group.

Oue mineral rights are in Carter County, Sec 11,12,15, & 24, T2S, R2W. Does anyone know if there is interst in leasing. Sounds as though it is all around that area. Thanks for any information…Ms. Brdley Apodaca

Thank you for the info on the OCC website. I was able to find a lot of info on established wells, but haven’t figured out how to find permits to drill and other info.

anybody have any information on current lease terms for section 26, township 5S?

Section 26, Township 5S, Range 3W


Pat, What Range is it?

We have interest in Sec 23 and Sec 14, just north of you in T-5S, R-3W. I have not received an offer since about 2 years ago. As I recall it was for about 200 an acre and we did not take it. Looks like their might be a couple wells in your section. Did you get an offer?

I’ve seen numbers like $202. It’s $200 per acre plus paid in advance $1/ac for 2nd and 3rd year of lease.


$202 is an really odd amount. I’ve never seen one that was not an mutliple of $25.

Pat, I have an old set of maps that shows well spots but it is not up to date. Someone else in the group can probably tell you better how to get that info off the OCC website.

Thanks Ann

Yes offer $202 / ac.

Can you please tell me how to get the information on the new wells? Thanks!

There are two free ways to check on new wells. Five days a week the Daily Oklahoman newspaper has permit & completion results in their business section. You have to register but it’s free:

The other way is to check for activity on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Website.

Elizabeth, Thanks; I have not heard anymore from Cambria. There must not be much going on in Carter County…have not seen many posts.

Olvis , Cambria tends to want to buy rather than lease…I could be wrong it has been a while since I have heard from them.

There is quite a bit going on in Carter County. XTO was just given a permit in 17 4S 3E yesterday. Some activy near Springer. In 2w and 3W Near Ratliff city.

There has been over a 100 permits issued in the last 6 months. 25 or so with XTO.

That area is just NE of Ardmore.

XTO has 4 permits for section 26 3s 2e and 3 permits for section 31 3s 3e.

The DRILLING REPORT at will give all the info for the last 60 days. Both completions and permits are listed.

I found a company that sells oil and gas maps. You can check them out here -

Just give them the Township, Range, and sections your interested in.

I found out using this map, that I had royalties due from August 2010 on an XTO Energy well in on of the sections where I have 20 acres.

The data shows the leases, well locations, well drill site, name of the well and the depth of the well.

Hope this helps.