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I am currently enrolled in the University of COlorado’s Global Energy Management Program, my group has been assigned to develop, permit, and etc a vertical well in Carter County, OK. My task was to locate a standardized (no name, legals,etc) oil and gas lease, and a surface agreement. I am currently a midstream land agent and not familiar with the development sector. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Please contact me at


John -S-T-R?


Nice completion report just out on CLR’s Gretta 1-17-20XH. 978 BO and 9,417 gas.



Clint Liles


Thanks Clint


What is the legal description for the Gretta well?


I see no commets for the past months. Has carter county slowed down that much. Sid


Any word on status of Paige wells


We have recently discovered that our dad had mineral rights in Carter County. S2 NE4 NE4 of Section 16-1S-2W. Anything going on in Carter County.

We are 4 brothers.







Dear Mr Gibson,

16-1S-2W seems to be an inactive area right now. The last production that I found was from 2002. This area has been active in the past and some production is coming from nearby sections.


I inherited mineral rights in Carter County, 15 - 1 South - 3 West, and recently I have received many offers to lease the mineral rights.

How can I tell if my offer is legit and if it s a fair offer?

If I decide to sit on my mineral rights would I get more by waiting to see if the area starts producing?


Own net 100 acres in 5s 2e. Several years ago was getting a lease offer but they wouldn’t budge on % etc so didn’t sign. They did say a “stranger” was also claiming the rights and someone had leased from them but from this outfit’s view they didn’t have legal merit so classified them as a “stranger” and were seeking to do business with me. Just wondering if that’s common and is it something i should pursue legally to clear up…


Dear Mr Longino,

Echo Operating and RD Williams & Co have both recorded leases recently. These leases have a primary term of 3 years and a royalty of 1/5. You can see some assignments of leases from one oil company to another. Also, some mineral sales have been recorded. Something is happening but I don’t know what. What offer did you get?


Does anyone have any information on Citation’s spacing of Section 34-1S-3W? Thanks in advance



201703931 is still pending, but they are asking for the following. Changing the Hunton and Woodford from 80 acres to 560 acres and adding Viola at 560 acres. Sounds like a horizontal well. S/2 and NE4 and S/2 of the NW4. Irregular spacing.