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Oil should hit 80 bucks plus this year. Thinking landmen will come knockin again.


To John- Good info -thanks Sid


It has been very quiet.


To Doyle. Our lease with Recon LD was up in Oct of 2017.In 4s=3e.Sec 29& 30 The was for 700 per ac and 20 persent . No action at this time.Sid


To m. Sears . Look at my comments of feb 20 th and you will see what we received in money for our past lease. Sidney Eby .Good luck.


inadvertently omitted…Section 26 is Sycamore, Woodford.

ECHO is also pooling in Sections 25 & 36


Olvis, that is pretty low. The last offer I heard about on that section was for $5250! A few years ago.


Yeah, Claire, they’re doing notifications for spacing, pooling and i think location exception


Got an offer from Ferrelloil Co for our interest in Sec 14-5S-3W yesterday. At first it looked like a lease offer, but actually was an offer to purchase for $750 per acre. I don’t think so.


ECHO is getting ready to drill a horizontal in 26, 1S 3W


M Barnes, thank you for that information.


Thank you, Ann.


Echo is burying me with notifications for the pooling.



I have not seen anything filed on it yet. It must be early in the process. We only have an ORRI in 6-1S-3W, so I wouldn’t get a lease offer. Chesapeake was going to drill a well there about 5-6 years ago and ended up dismissing the order.

This would be the first time I’ve noticed 89 Energy coming up outside of the STACK play. There has been a lot of assignments in this section the last several months. I had thought it might be another area that Echo would be operating in 1S 3W


Needham Energy Land Service sent me a well proposal for:
89 Energy II, LLC
TBD 0103 31-6-1XH
Section 6-1S-3W
Garvin & Carter County, OK

Anyone get something similar?


5 South 2 West around Section 32 - any recent lease offers? Bridgeport offering $400 3/16ths. This area has has some recent success with Woodford Hunton re-completions


I am an owner in 6-5S-2W and received an offer to purchase my interest in this section. The landman would not tell me what company he represented. What are people seeing as lease bonus amounts for the surrounding areas, such as 5S-3W, 4S-3W and 3S-2W? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!


Robert, Looks like the 89 Energy II well will spud in 31-1N-3W by the naming convention. I haven’t gotten anything yet for 6-1S-3W which is the southern part. Good news.


Craig, any time you get an offer to buy, someone knows something. I always sit back and wait.

3S 2W force poolings are running at $500 3/16 $250 1/5 $0 1/4

4S 3W no poolings last 999 days

5S 3W only one pooling in 2016 at $162.50 3/16 $50 1/5

5S 2W no poolings last 999 days


Sections 18 & 19, 2S 2W Carter County, ECHO is pooling. Sycamore & Woodford formations.