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Hello everyone, I noticed that Carter County oil and gas info is no longer available on the Oklahoma Land Records website. I hope that it is only temporary.


So the OKCounty records not being shown will be a temporary thing or permanent thing?



From what I gathered the decision from the Carter County Court Clerk was not motivated by Senate Bill 213 and the absence from OKcountyrecords may be permanent. Of course I may be mistaken, hopefully not as I use the website frequently as a reference tool.


Thanks Troy.


Ok County Records are available in Carter County again. I am glad that it is up again, but I still don’t find any good news yet.


My take on the oil chart is that it’s putting in a bottom. The media is bombarding us with scare stories of $25 & $15 oil (which only reassures me). A lot of companies will probably remain gun-shy for awhile though.


Where should I go to find information/locations for shallow plugged wells on my farm?

Thanks for your help.




Try this Link:

Where it says Form # click on little black triangle to the right and then Click on 1003 (for Plugging Record)

In the area for API# use 019 (Code for Carter County)

Fill in Legal location (this may not have to be filled in and you can just pull up all plugged wells for Carter County)

Effective/Approved Date ** 01/01/2014 to 04/27/2015**

(use what ever numbers you need in the approved date area)

And then click Search

Clint Liles




John could you give me the map information on my section 29 and 30 like you did last Thursday for the other sections? Thanks, Sid


I see no comments for the past month. has carter county slowed down that much. Sid


T.o M. Barns. n/2 se/4 of sect 30, town 4 south. range 3.Sect 29. town 4 south, range e east.Sid


Sidney, what is the total location? S-T-R 29-4S-3E? and 30? They don’t always post the maps.


To Barns on 29 it should be range 3. Sid


To john township is #4. Sid


Sidney, there are no wells in 29 or 30 of 4S-3E. What exactly were you searching for when you said “map information”?


To Barns . looking for any wells by any company in the area of 29& 30.Sid


Sid, as far as I can find, no wells since 1950 in the nine blocks centered on 30-4S-3E. If I center on 29, then there is a horizontal well in section 28 that drilled into 21 and one in 34 that drilled into 27. the map for 28 & 21

34 & 27


To Barns. Thanks for your help. Sid


Any info from Carter Co, Section 4, T3S, R2W. I have been offered a lease of $402 per acre with 3/16th royalty. Is this sound reasonable.