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I need info on Section 4, 3S, 2W in Carter, Co. I have been offered a lease amount of $402.00 per acre with 3/16th royalty. Does this sound reasonable?


Thank you for your input. That is what I was looking for.


Hello Carol

Who is making you the offer?

And you should be able to get $502, maybe more; but we recently agreed to a Continental lease of $502 - 3/16 for that same section 4 and T3S & R2W


Lynda, probably a good idea to wait and see what the pooling offers were in 19. Hearing was supposed to have been on the 29th of June. May give you a better idea. Ask what they are going to drill for. Also, very important to get a good lease with the correct clauses (not the first one they offer you). So the general answer is if it is the first offer, it is probably low to what they will go for in the end. Don’t be the first horse out of the gate. Ask if they will be offering a 1/5th or 1/4. Ask what the spacing will be. Those all add up to determining the value.


Hi. Is anyone aware of any recent leasing activity in 23-3s-1w? Is there any drilling going on in that area? Thanks!


Yep…Thanks Ann.


Donald my particular situation will not allow a royalty loan. Thanks for your help though


Ron, if your minerals are producing, have you considered a royalty loan instead of sale?


Try it again, Sam. It seems to be working now.


Yes Bearcat is leasing in 23-3s-1w. Private message me and I will be happy to discuss this with you


Anyone else out there that owns mineral interest on sec. 29, township 3 range 1 west. Just wondering who i share with and if there is any activity going on.


Has there been any activity in 5S-2E near 17? I had a low offer last year, nothing since.


Earl is you interest listed in the pooling under another name? If so you need to lease or make an election under the pooling before Oct. 5.


TODCO PROPERTIES INC. 1818 WEST LINDSEY SUITE A-102 NORMAN, OK 73069 John The Co. above was leased around 5s-2e but it slowed after Feb to nothing.


Right, they were who i heard from. They wouldn’t budge off their price or %; my patience might be rewarded or not. Any oil prognosticators out there?


We have offer for 1,000 per acre bonus money for o and g lease Carter Co Sec 19 03-S 03-W with 42 acres is this a reasonable offer. Thank you.


Earl 19-3s-3w looks to have been pooled.


Earl the well they drilled in section 20 from 1/15 to 4/15 produced 46,159 BO & 635,089 MCF of gas


XTO is also drilling an increased density project in east offset to Page wells. Surface location is in section 14 and production will be in section 11. Looks like they plan on at least 4 wells. This one was drilling Saturday.


Page 4-15H-10X drilling.