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Newby question , The Dixon well’s first production was that little bit in early Sept / and it got up to 6,000 B in Oct. My concern is that I have of this date seen no Division Order … No straight answer from Bearcat Land… Who will the Division order come from Bearcat or Continental ? I am just trying to get a handle as to when the six month clock starts and stops…



Division order will come from Continental. Usually takes a very long time to receive first royalty check after production begins. There is some kind of sixth month rule between first production and first check. On the bright side here, you had some oil sold at a much higher price at that time than at today’s prices.


Does anyone know the best way to get the OCC search database to work?

I’ve installed that jinitiator patch but it still doesn’t work, even using 3 different browsers.

specifically the:

Case Processing Web Application

You’re supposed to be able to search any pooling orders (and more).

(And Mike, there’s more than one section 8 - you’d need to give the whole section string)


Just to echo everyone’s comments, I have to use I.E. not Chrome (what I normally use) and as Ron said, the people at the OCC are very helpful when needed step by step instructions and is much easier to follow than if we tried to type them into the forum.


John, I had problems too - I was trying to use Mozilla Firefox and it will only work with I.E.


Hello All… Does anyone know if there is any activity in Carter County Section 8?

Thank you


John I called OCC and they helped me get it set up and showed me how to use it.


Thanks, I tried IE but no go. I’ll give em a call.


I’ve attached a production log for Mauldin. From the log can you deduce that the well is producing? If it is, should those holding a lease on that location be expecting to receive royalties?

Thanks, WalterProduction%20log.xlsx


Lease rates:

Section 5, 4S 1W, $502/acre paid up, 3/16ths, to Continental Resources


Anyone have any information on activity in our area of sect 29& 30 town 4 south range 3 east. 225 acres. thanks Sid.


Sidney, there are some horizontal wells in 34 going north into 27, one in 28 going north into 21 and a few more in the eastern part of the township.


Walter, yes, it is producing. You will not see royalties for at least six months from the date of first sales. You will get a division order first. Double check to make sure it is correct and is on the NADOA form before signing.


Margaret C. G., enjoyed visiting with you. Friend me & let’s exchange email addys.


This my first time to ask, so I hope I am doing it correctly. I have been getting several requests to purchase my mineral rights in Carter Co, Sec 10, 3S, 3W. The latest one is for $9000 per acre. What is happening in that part of Carter Co. I also received a Relief Sought for multiunit horizontal well for this same property that is sought by Continental Resources Inc. Looks like the relief sought was granted. Does this mean they are ready to drill on this property? I need help to understand.


The multi unit well, Dixon encompassing 10 and 15 is a decent producing well, but this well was completed in 2014. Your letter may just be in regards to the multi unit hearing, which usually takes longer. As far as the offer that seems to be about the going rate offered in that part of the County, now whether its a good offer is up for debate, but I would wait and see how the production looks a year from now on the Dixon well if it were me.



Thank you, Troy. That is what I needed to know. I do not need or really want to sell the rights, so I will hold on and see what happens.


Appears to be a permanent thing, from what I have gathered at the Courthouse


The County Clerk took an extreme position on a proposed Bill that would reduce our cost for digital copies of records to a maximum of $0.25 per page, and was passed 44-0 in the Senate on the 9th. Even though the Bill specifically states it shouldn’t interfere with public access, the County Clerk pulled down the online records. Should be temporary.

Here is a link to the bill