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rw…I’m sure you are right. The newpapers and stock market ads always embellish everything to seem much better or much worse that they really are. Yes, I would say that $3.00 change in oil prices would only be an adjustment and not a plummet like they called it. Thanks for sharing what happen on your checks. Makes me feel better about ours being down so much on the second check. That’s the same story hubby told me “don’t let that worry you it probably just caught the cycle wrong and may make it up next time” . Should be the next check being send out soon. So, we shall see what we shall see!


Linda, I am sorry to hear your dad had to be rushed to the hospital again. I remember such times with my mom and grandmother and the hospital staff wanting to throw me out at 10pm. Linda, my prayers are with your dad and with you.


Thanks gentlemen. All prayers appreciated!


Linda: My heart goes out to you. I went through this with my first wife twelve years ago. Six trips to the hospital in one year. The last one was fatal.


Here’s the link to read about today’s Continental fourth quarter results for 2012,…

In the morning is the CR conference call. Find the link on their website and click livecast or something like that and you will need to sign in with your name and email address. I usually put “investor” where it ask for company but I don’t really think you have to put anything in there. I believe it’s at 9:00am.


I was thinking in the report below the new Giant well I heard about might be in it but I forgot it’s only for the fourth quarter of 2012. I guess we’ll have to wait until the next quarterly report for that one. Shoot!


I went down south down highway 76 today to the diggins. When I passed the newest Kelly well on Sec. 2 2n,4w Stephens there were the crane looking things that were probably running the coiled cable in the well. This usually comes right before the fracking.

The Vanarkel on Sec. 15 2n,4w there was a man down looking at something but I didn’t go on the location because CR might not like it. I don’t think they have fracked it yet. I think the temporary wellhead was on it but I don’t believe it’s the actual “Christmas Tree” that will be put there after it is fracked and put on production. Don’t know what they are waiting on. Pretty typical of CR to take their time for such things.


The Garvin Co. well that I listed last was drilled by Ardmore Production and Exploration.


Parts of the Oklahoman paper reports:

Intent to Drill:

Garvin: Continental Resourses, Inc. Ball No 1-19H Well …of 19, 3n,4w TD 19,614

McClain: Charter Oak Production Co. LLC, Marcum No. 1-23 well…of 23 7n,3w TD 8540

I’m sure this has already came out other places but thought some may have missed it.

Also told of a well in Garvin Co. that came in 50 bbls. per day and was in 35 1n,3w and TD 9,153

Had several others but not in the Scoop.


Found this on the Continental website. Guess I missed the conference. Would like to have heard it live.


Some of you might find the following site interesting especially if you don’t live near where your mineral rights are.

You can open the link and then zoom into the area you are interested in then check the box next the Tier II Hazardous Substances. Each of the icons that appear on the map represents a facility that stores hazardous substances (such as crude oil). If you click on the icon it will give you a facility name (in the case of a production site it will give you the name of the operator and the name of the well).

Facilities that store chemicals are required under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) to submit an Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form to the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), and the local fire department annually.

In the area we are interested in most of the icons represent a producing well. By the way you can also click next to Section Township Range on the layer list and help you find your site.


I think they are all required to report, but some of the smaller companies fail to report. Most of the major companies however do a very good job reporting.


Gary, that is a really nice tool, thanks for sharing it! I was surprised when I looked at an area on our property that there are quite a few wells and tank batteries that do not appear. Is this a lack of reporting or do not all wells/tank batteries require registration?


Received this in an email today. Even though it was meant to inform people to the pros and cons of CR stock I found it interesting that they mention the Woodford Shale comparable to the Bakken. I also found a lot of it to be confusing but then, I’m easily confused! lol Read what you want and throw out the rest with the garbage.


Good report as always, thanks Linda!


I didn’t want to spend the time to type all this info on one post only to hit the wrong key and erase it all. So here’s some more skinny on the work down south. I was fortunate to get back in one piece with trucks, trailers full of equipment and pipe, etc. whizzing by me! They were making hay while the sun was shining and I just tried to stay out of their way.

Continuing on: As I turned down my friend, Nancy’s road which is ,I believe, two section lines north into Garvin Co. which puts me turning west off of highway 76 between Sections 22 and 27 3n,4w (I hope) I see a new location being built and a gate being installed on Section 22 on my north.

Then I see 4 tanks set on the Dickinson 1-21H. Then traveling on west I see Cactus Rig # 134 drilling away. Going on west I see the “Lang” well with 4 tanks (3 oil and 1 water) set and they are cleaning up around the location. There were four frack tanks lined up along the fence but I don’t believe they have started fracing yet and are just getting ready for that stage. After passing there on my left (south) there is a finished well with the tanks and everything painted a shining silver (I’m guessing Continental)

I believe less than a quarter of a mile sits another rig on the right (north). This is right across the road from the Denson place.

Sorry that’s as far as I got today and it got to rough for me out there in the old oil field. I’m not near as tough as I look! lol I’ll have to wait until P. goes with me sometime to go checking on the ones like the Kelly on Sec. 11 2n,4w, Campbell on Sec. 12 2n,4w going north through 1 and Garvin Co. 36, the Floyd (on who know what section).

Oh, yeah, I did see the “JoAnn” rig drilling away. Where is that one again? Is it Sec. 18 2n,4w? I didn’t drive any further west than the Pearl Assembly of God so I don’t know if they have set a rig on the location right by the road in Sec. 18 which I think some of you said would go across Sec. 19, right? Is that going to be the McElroy???

Hope this is of interest to someone. It was to me! Good Day!!!


Hutch…There were about four short trailers with some kind of equipment on them setting on the south edge of the Poteet location but I’m going to guess they were only water pumps. Probably taking some of the precious water from your lake! Ouch!!


Went for a drive today down south of Lindsay. Nearly makes me sick to my stomach how much trash has been thrown out along side the roads and the paved roads that have been turned to dirt and mud holes! That being said I’ll try to report what I saw.

Flare still burning on the Tina (Sec. 2 2n,4w), people still working on the three compressor stations down that way.

The new Branch (Sec. 21 2n,4w) wells have three down and two still standing. The first Branch well still had the gate locked and no action going on.

The “Whatley” (Sec. 20, 2n,4w had the gate open but I didn’t go down the road as it has the “keep out” signs still up. Probably down there hauling off all the oil so Lea and Lloyd along with Bob Berry and some fortunate others will have a BIG check for that first one!

No new locations around Sec. 20 there that I could see that might be for the “Claudine” going from 20 through 29 and 32 2n,4w.

Flare still burning on the Boles. All trailer houses gone and there were three long tank trucks parked beside the tanks. It probably takes three at a time to haul off all the oil that jewel is making!

They have rigged up Cactus rig #160 on the west side of the Garvin/County line road (east of the Boles well) I’m thinking that’s Sec. 24, 2n,4w. Anyone know for sure?

Looked like frack tanks and light plants around on the “Honeycutt” in Section 22 2n,4w but I couldn’t see up over the hill from the road to really tell what was going on. I figured they already had that one fracked by now so I don’t know for sure.

Looked like the permanant wellhead (the Christmas Tree) was on the Vanarkel (Sec. 15, 2n,4w).

Marathon rig #535 sign was up on the highway 76 north of the Garvin/Stephens County line road. I couldn’t see a rig so I don’t know how far west down the road off of highway 76 it was. I’m going to guess it’s the road that divides Section 27 and 34 3n,4w and like I said I don’t know how far west it was.

To be continued:


Wow, thanks Linda. Let me know if you see any activity around 7,3n,4w. Hoping to get through the hearings soon and get some action going!


A few pictures from yesterday. Pictures were taken just south and west of Calumet OK.