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Pretty interesting short article!

In reviewing a bunch of old documents, I have found that my deceased father-in-law owned mineral interests in Limestone and Washington counties, Texas. How do I find out if there are any active wells on these properties? If so, I will have to do some reconstruction of estates...both he and my mother-in-law died intestate, my deceased wife (their only child) had a complicated will.

Debra...Appreciate the info. but I think it needs to go to Sylvester. He's the one that needed to know that as posted below. Thanks

Here is a small excerpt from Devon's conference call transcript.

In 2013, we plan to invest approximately $550 million of capital at Cana and drill 150 wells focused entirely in the oil and liquids-rich core. We are currently running 13 operated rigs, however, should our drilling efficiencies continue to improve at Cana it’s likely we will trim our rig count as we move through the year.

Very interesting, Gary! Is Devon mainly drilling in the northern part of the Cana Woodford or where? We see mainly Newfield and Continental here in the south part (around Lindsay area and I'm thinking XTO does a lot down in Carter Co.) I know Devon is a really big company and I saw a show that was about how it was one of the state's best places to work. So Devon "Come On Down"!!!!

Yes, Linda Devon is drilling mostly in Canadian County. All 13 rigs are currently drilling just west of Calumet. Devon has a wastewater recycling plant between Geary and Calumet and they are drilling near there I would assume because of the lack of water to frack the wells.

Gary, like Linda I am in the south cana or SCOOP as it is now known. I've noticed all the multi-well drilling by Devon and Cimarex. Just wondering what is considered good production in a Canadian Co. well.

Canadian: Cimarex Energy Co.; Base No. 2-26H Well; NW1/4 NE1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 (SL) of 26-14N-10W; 1,398,000 cu-ft gas per day, 64.1 barrels oil per day; TD 17,236.

Cimarex Energy Co.; Jameson No. 4-27H Well; NW1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 NE1/4 (SL) of 27-14N-10W; 1,020,000 cu-ft gas per day, 41.6 barrels oil per day; TD 17,201.

Cimarex Energy Co.; Jameson No. 5-27H Well; NE1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 NE1/4 (SL) of 27-14N-10W; 1,570,000 cu-ft gas per day, 17.7 barrels oil per day; TD 17,031.

Cimarex Energy Co.; Sandra Jean No. 1-34H Well; NW1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 (BHL) of 03-11N-08W; 587,000 cu-ft gas per day, 31.6 barrels oil per day; TD 15,927.

Ron thanks. I went through a bunch of Canadian completions last night and what youv've listed is pretty typical. I believe the SCOOP wells are showing some better numbers, at least initially. Just trying to reinforce in my mind the possibility of more multiples down our way.

Michael I looked at some others also, we are getting more oil and as much gas . I think getting it HBP is the main thing for them now . It could take a million or more to release a section now . That could bring about more Multiunit wells to tie up two section with each well and keep the cost down.

You need to keep in mind that the gas from these locations are rich in liquids. Also, this excerpt from Devon's quarterly results this week gives a better idea of the best wells in the core:

"In the fourth quarter, we brought 29 operated wells online with average 30-day IP rates of 6.5 million cubic feet equivalent per day, including 550 barrels of liquids per day. These results continue to be among the best wells ever drilled at Cana with average EURs approaching 10 billion cubic feet equivalent."

Thank J.W. as you probably know there has been a lot of hoopla over the SCOOP and then I see all those wells in Canadian, just trying to see how we measure up down south. Pretty good BTU on our gas and and a number of wells testing 400-600bopd. The multi-unit, multi-wells have started and I'm getting excited!

I agree Ron, being next door to the Branch is making me jealous!

It would me also, Just use the time to plan your vacations .

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I feel sure that they are planning multiple wells on the Poteet as good a well as it is. I hope so maybe it'll bring back the smile for Sponge Bob!