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Good Golly Gary…we just thought we were busy down this way! There has always been a lot of oilfield around Calumet but I didn’t know it had picked up like that. Preston used to go out there and work in a compressor station repairing compressors for Mustang Petroleum Corp. when we lived in Edmond (back in about 1974). I think that was where he lost some of his hearing as they didn’t know to wear hearing protection then. Or if they did they didn’t practice it. Now he can speak from experience when he teaches oilfifeld safety.


Linda, I saw it Tuesday and it looked like they were setting up the small rig to place the conductor pipe. The material was laying on the ground.

It was on the NE corner of FR2994 and 29 if that was the correct location.




Hwy 29


Linda…Thanks for the update.

Yes the McElroy is to drill from the edge of 18 south all the way through 19 and Joann is to drill from the the edge of 18 north through sec 7 (Newfield).


I really forgot about the pad for the McElroy being there beside the highway. I wish I had gone a little further west and looked to see if they had a rig on it. I only went as far west as the road where the Whatley is. Lloyd and Lea…do you guys have minerals in 18 or 19?


L & L, Continental controls section 7, I believe production will be from sec.18. The permit is very confusing, in one place it shows the surface location in sec, 7 going S. in another part it says surface in sec. 19 going north. Here is a diagram from the spacing order:


Hutch…You are correct, they don’t seem to know if the are coming or going. Let me put it this way. Just as long as Newfield goes all the way thrrough sec 19 will be fine with us.

Linda…Good to hear that progress is being made on the Branch wells. I’m sure they will be fracking soon.

Appreciate the offer to check on McElroy.


Hutch…what’s going on in the diagram? Did section 19 steal your Poteet well?


Hutch…You are correct, Continental controls sec 7. The Joann was issued a permit to drill in Feb with SHL in sec 7 and the HO runs south 4950’ thru sec 18. The McElroy permit was issued in Mar with SHL in sec 18 and the HO runs south 4950 thru sec 19. As far as I know the McElroy plans have not changed from what I saw back in October 2012.

Linda…Yes we own a small interest in sec 19 so we are excited to see Newfield get started.


Lloyd, whats interesting if you look on the second page of the JoAnn permit it references a location exception with SHL in sec.19. They don’t know if they are going north or south!


Lloyd and Lea…Next time I go to the diggins I’ll go a little further west and check on the McElroy.

The are back to drilling again on both of the last two Branch wells so maybe they will have those two rigs loose before long and we can get them all fracked. It doesn’t look like they will be able to stick with the date of April 15th for that like was planned but maybe soon.


Linda: You are so right. A couple from the Houston area missed the explosion by a few minutes. Father and daughter crossed the finish line and were resting up when the blasts occurred. Prayers. Jim


Our hearts and prayers are going out to the bomb victims in Boston!




I would like to find out the latest production figures for a well in Blaine County. It is the Birds Nest 1-6H in 6-14-11. I’m sure there must be somewhere to look this up. I would appreciate any information.



Sadly there is not really a public way to look them up. At least not all of it. You will find the gas production on the OCC site. However, those records are mostly incomplete and in many cases not accurate The API of that well is 3501123453 .

Here is the OCC GAS

September 2012 32318
October 2012 35086
November 2012 31703
December 2012 31027
January 2013 29590
February 2013 25289

Shoot me a friend request and a message and I can give you a few other options and info.

It looks like it was producing about 180 barrels a month of oil in the last half of 2012.



I did not find any reports for this year. Just end of year figures. Maybe someone else has a better source?



I’m not seeing anything but 2012 data except from OCC gas reports. But most of my other sources usually lag 6 months or so anyhow.



I’m pretty sure that DI is not correct. They are showing ~5,700,000 cumlative, but the first month is ~5,500,000 of that.

The numbers @ OCC and DI should be MCF. Some others uses MMCF (M=1000) It looks like they entered CF figures for month one. (April 2012)

Ironically all 4 reports I looked at show various months missing where others show production. However some of them get the data from various sources. Based on numbers I have looked at I would say it was 362,000 MCF total from April-Dec 2012 would be pretty close.