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Tom…It will be very interesting to me to see how your well comes out as my mother in law owns a tiny interest in Sec. 20 2n,3w.


That’s really interesting, another good thing about the multi unit wells is that you aren’t damaging a lot of land with a lot of unnecessary pads. I’m excited for y’all down in the scoop. It’s really amazing we have so much oil and gas in our land here in America. Will it ever be enough though?


Thanks for the info. Yes I heard that about three weeks ago as the big well being in 7N-6W where my interests is. My guess it is the Wilkerson in Sec 20. Could be the Walters in Sec 22 or the Igo in Sec 27. The Healy in Sec 7 tested 487 bod and 827,000 gas. That is a pretty good well.

I have a map built for the play in the SCOOP and have quite a bit of info on it. No tthat far up to date on the part towards Gravin County. I have got a contour representation in 7N-6W based on where the wells hit the Woodford and it makes sense with my understanding of the way the rocks are laid down in the Anadrko Basin.

On the west side of the Township 7N-6W there are five units now completed and they are basically N-S in the Township. It is interesting as to the variationof the tests in these four wells. They are from north to south:

Healy Sec 7 487 bod 827,000 gas

Ballard Sec 17 212 bod 869,000 gas

Wilkerson Sec 20 Is this the big well???

Dana Sec 29 118 bod 2,500,000 gas My inerest Sec 30

Nunn Sec 32 182 bod 1,950,000 gas

This is a good representation to mineral owners in the SCOOP that there can be good wells and not so good wells within a mile of one another. Mineral owners must also remember that for several operators in the area establishing the Held by Production is a near term goal to hold as many leases as they can as quickly as they can.

Once the various operators get their leasehold Held By Production and this production on any given well has the ability to produce for as least 10 years they will go into a multi well per unit drilling mode, i.e, six wells per unit. Operators with a smaller leasehold, say Newfield, may enter into the multi well per unit quicker.

It is going to be frustrating to some mineral owners with one producing well seeing the unit next door to them get six wells drilled in a short period of time. There are many facets about the decesion to drill multiple wells in a unit. Geology, financial, price of oil and gas, rig availability and other considerations

The various operators have 100% of the rights to drill the extra wells in a unit as they see fit. Nothing a mineral owner can do will change that. A mineral owner with production should make sure all their estate is in order because these wells will be here for a very long time.


Ok Guys…Is the Casados or the Tina an 8,000 ft. lateral?



Your last four paragraphs are exactly what is happening to me over in Carter Co., just south of the Ardmore airport. XTO is drilling multiple wells just about all around my one producing well. I have an empty pad that has been there since sometime in October, with no activity.

I guess this is a lesson in aquiring patients. My increase Density Order expires in June.


I figure when we hear Continental’s conference call next week we’ll get the skinny on their big wells this last quarter! We’ll be all ears! So, we’ll know who to hit up to buy the chicken wings for the party!!! lol


Linda, How was the production shared in Sec 21 when only 1/3 was fracked? I have the same proposal in Sec 6 2N 3W. 18 and 6 will be before the commission for comingling. Sec 6 will be on the tail end and I do not want a partial percentage. There would be a class action if the unfracked portion is not released at the end of the primary term.

Hopefully the well will be compled the proposed lateral distant.



OOPS, I meant Sec 18 & Sec 7


Tom it is no different then drilling a well on the west side of the section and it holding the east side of the section after the primary term .


The Casados and Branch 2-6 were planned as uneven splits going in.


Linda, Casados total length: 7231ft. Tina 1H-26X: 10510ft.

The completion report on the Tina 1H-26X was not very impressive for that length: 349bopd 1604mcfd…


If you compare total length the Kelly 1H-11 is the better well, 5091ft completed with 608 bopd 3067mcfd.


Huh? I guess they could be rounding it off and calling the Casados an 8,000 ft. lateral?

Remember, the Newfield guy said the Tina came in good but just kept getting better and better all the time! Like I said I didn’t hear any numbers but a man told me today that a Newfield man said the Tina was the best one they had gotten yet. I’m not really sure whether they got the Casados or the Tina on line first so I didn’t know whether they were comparing the Tina with the Casados or not when he made the statement. It’s not that important I guess. I was just wondering.


Tom…I believe someone said that Sec. 21 2n,4w would get about 34 % and Sec. 28 would get the rest of the Casados. Section 21 will come out smelling like a rose I believe because they also will get about the same percentage of the next five Branch wells that are also wells drilled from the pad on 21. They are also going to drill at least another Casados well and probably more. That’s at least six or seven (probably good wells) that Sec. 21 gets a third of so that’s not chicken feed. No one has told us this but some on here have been speculating that maybe there is something in the middle of the section that makes them hesitate to go all the way through it. Whether that’s the case or not Newfield has figured out the way they can make the most use of the section.


Oil prices have “plummeted” the last couple of days. I hope they don’t make a habit of that!


Linda, I think it was just a small correction. To me plummeted is more like $30 per barrel and not $3. Awhile back my oil sold for $87 a bbl for months when the WTI price was around $80, I guess the contract ran out and I had a month of $75 and then the price was right back up the next month. These little dips don’t bother me. To the lessor, a $5 dollar drop per bbl is probably not going to do a great deal to your royalty check, less than $1 of that $5 was going to be yours anyway. I don’t let it worry me and I hope you don’t let it worry you either. If we want to help the price go back up we can all talk about the terrible oil shortage, we are running out of oil, peak production, the middle east, wink, wink ; )


The shale gas plays across the U.S., when fully implemented, will have a definite downward pressure on oil prices. In my opinion oil in the U.S. could slide $20 per barrel downward over the next two years.

Just my thoughts looking at all the places to go in the U.S. with shale gas drilling. Geologically, there is a whole bunch of potential shales across the country. And the Oil Industry will get to them. If there is one thing you can count on the Oil Industry to do is that they will find it.


Cheniere Energy in Sabine Pass LA is scheduled to start EXPORTING natural gas in late 2015. Cheniere Energy is the only company currently with an Export License, but there are 6-8 others trying to get approval.

The Monterey Shale play in California is very large and covers almost all the the California centeral valley. I think this will be slow to develop because of all of the California laws.


Linda, just keep those new sugarplums, I mean new wells in mind. It makes a difference on even small acreage when the get it closer to being drilled out and it will happen for you, it already has for me to a certain extent and hopefully it will happen for everyone else who already has 1 well in the not too distant future.


Those sugarplums are definitely in my head! Not much room up there lately though as we had to put my dad (age 93) in the hospital via ambulance again this morning. We had a rough night last night as it was our turn to take care of him.

It helps to have some positive news. We’ve heard they were spudding on the well Branch #6 today. Yepeee!