Application by 89 Energy and Eneco for 1S 4W

For the past year and more 89 Energy and Eneco have been filing applications with the OK Corporation Commission for sections in 1S 4W Stephens Co and copies of these documents have been sent to owners by the law offices of Michael Stack.

I wanted to create a post for this since it probably affects several hundred owners and also because I am fairly new to this and have many questions of my own. At this point, however, I am just curious to find out if anyone else in the forum has been receiving these and has any information to share.

All of the hundreds of owners are also getting those letters. Do you have a specific question?

What is going on in Sec 36 1S 4W ? Getting all kinds of offers, own 1/4 of 120 acres. Latest is $ 250,000 for my mineral rights Thanks

Black Mesa and 89 Energy are competing for operatorship of horizontal wells. Black Mesa still has pending cases. 89 energy pulled out.

Even though the past two generations of my family kept fairly organized records, there is no mention of any property in Stephens County. I guess my first question is whether or not I should pursue that or if those companies are just casting a wide net. I live in TN right now so I would probably need to hire someone local. Thanks!

Does this mean Black Mesa will drill in 26 1S 4W in Stephens county?

It will depend upon the OCC judge. 89 Energy also has cases for that section.

You may want to search here: This will take you back to 1995.

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Hello I have mineral rights insect 26 and 35 township 1 south range 4 west Stephen’s count so 89 energy sent an offer and its 1000 an acre 22%royalty and deleveraging a78.00% net revenue interest in lame terms should I wait

Higher offers have been made on those two sections. Do not lease them on the same lease form. Do each section separately. Also, do not accept the draft lease that they offer. It will not be in your favor. You can also wait for pooling. You must answer a a pooling in 20 calendar days.

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So now I cant reach any of the landman or lawyers and my aunt was told to sign and send papers in but I am hesitant to do so because I dont want to get screwed by none I want what’s fair and honest dealings my family has been thru alot and we pray for the correct order again and this could be that blessing

You do not have to lease if you do not like the terms of the lease. You can wait for the forced pooling. However, you need to make sure that you have your title documents ready to prove your ownership. You need to send the pooling response within 20 calendar days. You need to file your title documents in the county courthouse so Landmen can find you.

Many of us choose the higher royalty and lower bonus. You only get the bonus once and the higher royalty will apply to all wells covered by the lease, possibly for many decades, so usually pays off in the long run.

If you are not getting mailings from 89 Energy, then they may your ancestor instead of you in their title records. Contact them immediately 89 ENERGY, L.L.C. & ENECO, L.L.C. 105 NORTH HUDSON, SUITE 650 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73102 Contact Name: MICHAEL D. STACK Contact Phone: 405-286-1717

The pooling case number is 201805155 and the hearing is supposed to be on December 9. Time is important.

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