19-3N-3E Garvin

The other deed scan was not attached.

What is the section, township and range? It is cut off on the picture. It should be a few lines farther down.

Yes I am trying to get it for u 2 c asap I have not heard from them plus are there limited day the have 2 pay bonus to use

Section 19-3N-3E, Garvin County, OK. Pooling bonus money is paid within 35 days of the date of the pooling order, provided the party entitled to the bonus money has provided the Operator/Applicant the necessary W-9 form. By law, this is only an obligation to pay.

That lease was made in 1994 for 19-3N-3E. (I am correcting a previous post which had 3W) Thanks for correction to 3E.

Last production was in 2002. Well was plugged in 2006.

You may still have the minerals.

It is in Section 19-3N-3E, not 3N-3W.

Thanks I am in pursuit of this and turning into more detail than ever seeming a coverup has happened with this one

Doubt a coverup. Mineral owners are responsible for their interests being up to date & presenting marketable title to the county clerk’s office. If you haven’t done that , your bad.

It has been by some kin folks we the right full hiers are just figuring all this out 5 years after our Grammy passing and we are going back even further down and finding out more about this and that my dear fellow is just as i have stated and it’s not that you are so informed but wrong is wrong in the fact we have been so wrongly denied what was our gifted inheritance but now it maybe to late for us to get anything or even hope it will be there Greed is a rapid sin even among blood and I am glad I am not one to be so

Todd is on the right path. Although it is possible, operators in general are not predisposed to try to favor one mineral owner over another. The operator’s obligation is to pay the record owner, and if you title is not established by the documents filed of record, it is your responsibility to cure your title.

Well I understand all that you have said maybe I was not clear enough about it but thank u much and I found the solution to my question have a blessed days