ANY ACTIVITY ON THIS MAP 10.5 Acres Reeves County Tx Surface rights only


Blk 45 Tract: 26 Abstract 3827 Section 26

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Mavis Palmer

Hi, Mavis!

There have been several horizontal wells drilled by Carrizo that include Section 26, but only one of them presently appears to be producing. The others have not been Fracked yet.

Do you have a copy of your Deed that you can attach here or can you either give me the Volume and Page or Clerk’s Instrument Number of it?

Or, can you set out your legal description here?

Who did you purchase your land from and when?

WELL MAP.pdf (57.4 KB)

WELL TABLE.pdf (49.7 KB)

As you can see the land was purchased in 2005 and 2007. Regards Mavis Palmer

Hi Mr. Tooke, Our company is a Wyoming Registered Co.

I really don’t understand how I can ever find out anything if the oil companies don’t have to contact me.

Regards Mavis Palmer

First, I wonder how a state can put restrictions on the sale of land that lends itself to a worthless, un-useable property. No one is going to build a home on the midde of oil fields for ones family. Second, I notice the state has not reserved mineral rights in section 45. They claim they own the, they present to the public, as if, they own them, and everyone in the industry hasnt questioned it, so every in t

One may be able to get business or industrial benefit from the land in Section 45, if they are allowed to use water rights. I propose a class action to litigate the water reservation as unlawful. It is questionable, weather a water or mineral rights reservation on the original sale listing of section 45 in 2005 was included. it appears on the sales receipt that this was written in, after the fact, after the buyer paid for the properties. Thus, it appears the terms of sale were changed by the state after the offer was accepted and paid for by the buyer. Is that lawful? The buyers of property in section 45 need help to sort all this out, get our full water rights validated and in all fairness to owners of this land to get our mineral rights recognized, to start getting our royalty oil payments accounted for all these years and paid out to the deeded owners of section 45. Is There a law firm willing to be on the side of the owners, in negotiation with the state of Texas to resolve these issues of section 45, that owners may contact for a owner support group and possible class action.

Also, the reserved easements are none specific and have no coordinates, No length or width, nothing. This does not seem to be legal descriptions for validating and identifing true, real easement(s). I would suggest challenging these reservations, as well. The more owners who start to speak up the sooner this issue will be addressed and resolved. Owners creating a joint loud voice together, for obtaining fairness, equality, and requesting removal of possible discrimination towards section 45 owners will be better heard. (this may apply to all sections that the state of Texas sold in 2005) Does anyone have a copy to post here of the original offer to sale of these section? Please take a picture of your pn

This is a deed from a third party seller with an address in Canada, not the deed from out of the State of Texas. Any rights sold are subject to the reservations and conditions within the earlier deed(s) on this tract. You have to review the original deed from the State of Texas to the first buyer to see all the terms and conditions.

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If you want to discuss Section 45, you may want to begin your own message string with your questions and concerns.

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Please see the attached.

Item 01. is an aerial map of Section 26 showing the land and pipelines crossing it. Your 10 acres is the smaller square or rectangle within the Section.

If you will zoom in as much as you can, you will see that there are no roads, no powerlines, no utilities of any kind, no trees, no grass. Not even enough scrub brush to support goats, much less cattle.

A lot of the land in West Texas is like this.

A man named Tony Masarweh and his group of family and friends have been advertising and selling 5 and 10 acre parcels of land like this for several years now. I have only researched two particular small tracts when Tony Masarweh was involved in the title where the purchaser ended up with their minerals.

Item 02. is a copy of the Texas General Land Office’s April 12, 2005 Land Grant to Tony Masarweh for Section 26. You will note that all minerals were reserved to the State.

Item 03. is a copy of the May 2, 2005 Deed from Tony Masarweh to Chun Youn for the South Half of Section 26.

I believe someone told me that Chun Youn is Tony Masarweh’s adopted son.

Item 04. is a copy of the June 27, 2005 Deed from Chun Youn to you for your 10 acres, which you provided.

Item 05. is a copy of a Pooling Agreement from the GLO to Carrizo (Permian) LLC, the company currently Operating the Wells that are being drilled that include your 10 acres.

Exhibit “A” of the Pooling Agreement lists two leases, the second of which appears to be the one Section 26 was leased by the State under.

Item 06. is a map of the GLO’s Leases and Units in the area. I have outlined the Corsair State Unit is yellow. Section 26 is the top half of the Unit.

You do not own any minerals in, on or under your land. Unless Carizzo would like to use or cross over the surface of your 10 acres, there is no reason for anyone to contact you.

Wish I had better news.

01. MAP - AERIAL wPIPELINES.pdf (210.6 KB)


03. 699-586 ORRC - GIFT - TONY MASARWEH TO CHUN YOUN.pdf (72.8 KB)


05. 1269-469 ORRC - POOL - STATE TO CORSAIR STATE.pdf (1.8 MB)

06. GLO LEASES - MAP.pdf (1.9 MB)

Thank you M. Emery, Item 05? I see it states the Pooling Agreement from the GLO to Carrizo (Permian) LLC, the company currently Operating the Wells that are being drilled include my 10 Acres. Ok, I’m confused again. If it includes my 10 Acres wouldn’t the GLO or Permian have to contact me to join the pooling agreement? Or contact me to tell me they are drilling if it includes my 10 Acres. If I haven’t agreed to pooling then how does this include my land. I thought this was owned by the Schools Dept. Or they don’t have to contact me at all unless they are crossing my land. Is this horizontal drilling or fracking? I am living in hope that one day I will get some good news… Hope springs eternal. You are an amazing researcher by the way. Thank you so much for all the information. Regards Mavis

Hi Mr. Emery, If I am reading this correctly I only act as an Agent for the State of Texas if someone wants to cross my land for water or other pipe lines or to drill through my surface rights. I don’t understand why they don’t ask the owners of the surface rights if they would like to join the pooling? or do they.

This is very complicated and expensive for the oil companies. Hoping to find oil…

Regards Mavis

Hi Tennis, I will try and find the original sale papers. Our mailing address is our personal address in Canada. Our company is a US Company formed in Nevada in 2005 Unfortunately our lawyer (agent) passed away and our new Agent moved the company to Wyoming. The Canadian Address is only for mail. I will look for the original paperwork. Regards Mavis Palmer

Hi Twyla-Bowman_Diadana_FLP, As a surface owner only I agree everything seems to be a little odd especially no specifics on the easements, if my small voice would be of any help I would be please to join with you in getting your rights and I hope more owners will join too. There must be someone out there who could help us all. Regards Mavis

Thank you for the responses and feed back.

Hi, Mavis!

You would be an Agent for the State if your lands were subject to the Relinquishment Act.

In this case, the State retained all of the minerals when they gave Toney Masarweh a Land Grant.

The State (School Land Board or SLB) owns all of the minerals and leases the minerals themselves. The GLO manages the School Land Board’s minerals and advises them on issues such as leasing and pooling. You are not an Agent for the School Land Board or the GLO.

The State gave Carrizo permission to pool their lands in their lease. Neither the State, nor Carrizo needed your permission to pool your land with other lands or your permission to drill wells.

The only people who might ever contact you will be someone or some company that wants to use it as a Drill Site, store equipment on it, build a road across it, build a pipeline across it or something like that.

The wells that are being drilled are Horizontal Wells, with the Laterals (the parts of the wellbores that go out) being almost 2 miles long. All Horizontal Wells are Fracked.

Like I mentioned before, wish I had better news.

Yes that will be wonderful. Two owners joined together is much better than one. Its a start for getting as many " considered surface rights owners" to get on board for claiming our rights. I have a few things in mind: writing all the public record surface owners, writing media, posting commentaries in newspapers, writing the White house, writing various elected officials, petitioning, lobbying for law changes equal to all State of Texas land sale owners, getting media attention to surface owner plite. We need a Law Firm, who will step forward to take our class action on contingency for benefit of all surface owners. I have a total of 15 acres. I plan, at some point, to put together a campout on my property of hundreds of Rvs dry camping as a point to get attention and media coverage. The state has claimed the management and control of our lands, preventing us from doing it ourselves, keeping us at arms length, and keeping our mineral rights royalty money that should be paid to us- not to the state. We are talking about billions of dollars of money and business opportunities that we are being deprived of enjoying ourselves. This is our money, at a minimum of 50% the same as other land owners get from Texas State. But, if its ruled in the court that the State of Texas didnt properly reserve the mineral rights for the “so called surface owners” then the state will need to do an accounting, plus interest, on 100% of the royalties, backdated to our purchase date in 2005, and pay that out to us, instead of doing it on 50%. This is a huge issue that must be addressed and resolved, once and for all. At this point, we are paying taxes on land that we can do nothing with.

In a few weeks, I’ll start giving these issues my top priority. If we work at this, even little by little over time, I fully believe in the end, we will be successful. Ive heard in the scuddlebut that the State of Texas realises this is a problem and that they know this will need to be put on the table to come up with a resolution. Perhaps the State needs the motivation from the proding it will be getting to get them moving and get the ball rolling on this. The probing and investigation will continue as Im proposing and intending to do, but I have to work on it in between other things Im doing in life. Im so pleased you’ve offered your support. Thank you so kindly.

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Hi Mr Tooke, All I can say is thank God I have water and mineral rights in AZ. I will pay more attention if I ever buy in Texas again.

Yet miracles can happen.

Thank you for explaining everything to me. It takes a while to sink in…

Regards Mavis Palmer

Or here is a thought, I usually contact investigative reporters.

I had a problem in the UK many years ago with abduction of children. The Police would say it is a domestic issue and we can do nothing. I was stunned, so I wrote to the press to MP’s and finally I see on MP who thinks this is so wrong. Children taken to foreign countries and the mother’s can do nothing. I started in 1983 by October 1984 the Law was enacted… you go to prison in the UK now for abducting children. The FBI was even better a recent case the mother did get custody in a US court and a Lebanese Lawyer pro bono fought in the Sharia Courts, she won. The FBI with the local police went to the fathers house, handcuffed him put him on a jet with his son and he went to jail in the US, the son returned to his mother. She had no money but the media helped her to beg anyone to help her, It worked. Where there is a will there’s a way. Mavis

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