Zavala County Action

I am part of a mineral lease available in Zavala County for active drilling with access to over 600 acres. We are interested in a fair market lease directly with a reputable drilling company. Please share any information on the firms you have experienced to live up to their reputations.

Respectfully, David

What part of Zavala? Abstract number? Thanks.


Depends on what part of Zavala Co you are in. Not saying more of the area won't be developed but bulk of the activity is in the southern portion of the county. Global Geophysical is trying to lease for a large seismic study in frio/zavala county, i'm waiting for their terms. If your uncertain about your address being correct with the county clerk I would recommend going to crystal and trying to get that fixed.... i've sent letters and been in twice and found out this week that the clerk still hasn't corrected my address.

Mr Williams is correct. look at the RR Commission maps. southern and eastern parts of the county do have activity. CHK developing a big chunk of acreage along 117 from Dilly to Batesville, some leasing activity in Frio Town. Other areas there is no interest and you might just have to wait and see how things build out.


I have trouble with the RRC maps, do you mind looking something up for me? Or, post the link? We are interested in activity on the Zavala/Maverick County line border on Hwy. 57, between La Pryor and Eagle Pass. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you! For some reason that link isn't working....