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We recieved a lease offer of 3 years/1-5th/$300 per acre for acerage in Yoakum County----about 600 acres. The area is Section 725, Block D, in the Prarieview SE quadrangle. Research with the RRC shows some decent activity nearby, but not within our section. Any comments regarding leasing activity or current leasing rates would be appreciated.

Good to hear! My family has interests in two 1/2 sections, one being 1 1/2 miles south of you and the other 3 1/2 miles south. Curious as to who made the offer if you can share.

Hello all, first time posting for me. We have an undivided 43/640 mineral interest in all of section 629, block D in Yoakum county. Our lease will expire in July 2013. We own minerals "only" for the 43 acres. Can someone here enlighten me on what a fair lease offer is per acre? The minerals were recently willed over to me and I'm just trying to find out anything at this point.

Thanks for any help you can offer, Fred

Hello everyone. I have just joined this group because my family owns a mineral interest to five net acres in section 692, Block D in Yoakum County. I'm educating myself about the oil and gas business because the lease on this comes up in 2013 and I will be the person who has to renegotiate it. Does anyone know why there are wells to the east and to the west of this section, but not on it? Does anyone know if any kind of drilling would be likely in the next few years?

Thanks for any information you can offer.

I am looking for help also, My wifes mother had some papers we found after she died that is a division order from 1987, it shows she has 0.00028940 orri in and in the legal description shows all or part of sections 634,635,636,670,671,672,673,674,


764,765,766,799,800'801, and 802. We got a small check in 2010, but nothing in 2011 and I question are these areas dried up or are we getting cut out. Oxxy is who sent the check in 2010, but they don't seem to want to return my calls and when they do they tell me they will get back to us. I know a lawyer in Tahoka, is that my best bet?

Shandon– Bless you heart --how did you get so lucky to have to handle it? I don’t know the answers to the questions you asked–but I do know this–be patient and follow this website–it’s very possible it will come to your section. There is something going on in this country. You may not see it on the evening news, but it’s coming. Be patient.

Robert– You got something–play your cards close to your vest. Do everything you can to find out what your wife’s mother owned–find all the papers you can–they all mean something. You have a small interest but lots of sections–that’s good. Don’t. Get lawyer till you find all papers you can-- costs money. Small interests X lots of sections X $100/bbl Oil = A Nice Life!

If I have it correct she is a great grandaughter to MB Sawyer, and also has rights to minerals in Terry and maybe Lynn counties. I have papers back to the 50's.

Find everything you can–don’t throw away nothin. Read it -ask questions-understand what you have. Then you can proceed–new deal- learn THEN proceed. I an the others will help in any way we can. Chow. Roy

Thank you, Roy, for the advice. I ended up in charge of this because I am the only grandchild of Henry Blattman, a New Mexico lawyer who owned mineral interests in dozens of tracts of land in northern New Mexico and this one tract in Yoakum County. His sister was married to a Yoakum County man named Grady Raybon, so I'm guessing this farm might have belonged to his family. The mineral rights deeds, etc. sat untouched in my mother's closet for about 30 years after my grandfather passed away, and then she handed them over to me, and I took on the project of reading and managing them. I'm happy to finally be in touch with people knowledgeable about Yoakum County, as I live far away.

I see a question was posed in March concerning leasing activity in Yoakum but no discussin followed. We have interests in Blk D., in and arouind Sec. 313. We have been offered a lease which is short of the terms previously mentioned. What is the activity look like in the area?


Thanks for the info. on lease offers per acre. At least it gives me something to go by. I've tried to find a map showing Yoakum county broken down by section/block but haven't had any luck. All I know is our minerals consist of 43 acres in sect. 629 Block D. Location is still unknown to me. I'd also like to know if there's any activity in or near this area. Thanks again Rick, and anyone else who comes forward.

Go to this site http://www.earthpoint.us/TexasLandSurvey.aspx, they have an overlay for Google Earth. When you zoom in and left click on the sections, it will bring up the section number and other info. It has all of the original Texas survey info. I think it lets you have a 30 day free trial.

Earth Point Texas Survey

Thanks Robert, I'll check it out.

Can anyone tell me what leases rates are per mineral acre in Yoakum County. I am new to the discussion group. Thanks


It might depend on the area, but in the far western part of the county 25% royalty and $500/acre was a very recent offer.

Thank you for the info. I guess I settled for too little - $400 an acre. Next time I will start a little higher in the negotiations.

JW, can you dial in the location in the "far western part" of Yoakum County that recieved the offer you mention?

Sections 649 and 713