XTO and Exxon in Sabine, shelby

Can anyone tell me the name of the lease that has recently been bought by exxon or sold? Aslso in Arcadia and bienville, j d operating has whom paying and what is the lease oe lease pool called, so i can look it up, im sorry, i know the location of my ownership ownerever its gets confusing, is this also a lease pool?

Without more information, we cannot help you. Those companies are huge.

Can you tell the group section, township ,range ,and what state? There is a lot of wells around ! Welcome to the form !

Xto and Exxon are both top notch to deal with from what I’ve seen. They drill promptly and look at every inch of well as drilling. If it is there they will find it and assess it and if warranted they will throw 10 rigs on it. That’s how it’s done

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