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How can I locate and read Permits that could be pertaining to our lease? This is for Marshall County WV. I have located the place to search and can find permits for a Land Owners name, but only some of them are going through our leased area.

Is there a way to see and read the permits to find out if my name is on them? Is there a way to search my parcel to see if any permits are issued for that? Any other resources I can use to know what activity is happening?


You might try this website. The surface owner’s land is impacted by the surface location which is why their name is on the permit. You will not be listed on it (or the other possible hundreds of mineral owners). The predicted track of the well or final path of a completed well should help you in finding which wells may impact your acreage.

If you post your question in the WV Minerals area under your county with a description of your acreage, someone more familiar with the county may be able to help you more specifically.

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Thank you for your information. I am familiar with this site and it is helpful, but I need to read the permits to see if I am listed on them. In WV they list all the names involved in a well. I am having issues with Royalty payments and have to be very diligent to know if they are doing things correctly. It took me about 3 -4 months to get the payment correct when we first started receiving royalties…Now they have grossly overpaid me, and not paid another sibling. And to top it off I don’t think they are paying me on lines that involve me! This is very frustrating because when I die and my children inherit they will have no clue what is going on. Sorry for the rant! lol

Thanks for the tidbit. Didn’t realize WV listed everyone. My states do not. Post in your area and someone who really knows WV may answer with a better way to find out which wells are “yours”. Also, contact the Division Order analyst for the operator and get their help to straighten out the royalty payments. They may need title or probate information from the other sibling.

Thank you for caring about your children! I am so grateful for my parents leaving good records that helped me unravel questions.

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It appears you are familiar with the WVDEP site to locate permits. They do list all royalty owners there for a specific permit.

Another possible resource is marshallcountywv.org and select County Clerk’s Office and click on the top right side where the online access is highlighted. You can then search by your name under Individual to see what comes up. Also try Description in the drop down menu and enter Designation of Pooled Unit (DPU) and then search to see if you are listed on any of the DPU’s filed. The DPU will list your total acreage in the lease and the actual acreage in the unit. If your sibling is not listed on either of these it may be time to get legal assistance if the owner relations folks at your company can’t help with the Division Order.

Our leases are with Southwestern Energy and they have been very good at answering our inquiries. Best of luck.


Thank you so much…that was helpful. I didn’t know the consolidation was listed under my name on the county! And I was able to learn more through the WVDEP too. I am so glad you shared this! Unfortunately the specific info I am looking for isn’t available. But I will look back to see if it is updated. The wells are pretty new.

Hi all! I just wanted to clarify a few things. WV permits do list SOME royalty owners but not 100% of them typically. Alice15 is lucky because of how Marshall County indexes their units. Not all counties are the same in how they present units in county records… especially older units.

I appreciate your clarification…Apparently Marshall county is behind in listing the permits on the Clerk of courts because the ones I have issues with are not on there. Is there anywhere I can order a copy of any particular permits?

Hi Alice,

I need to make sure that we are speaking the same language. The Marshall County Clerk of Courts only records drilling unit declarations or unit poolings, whatever term you want to use. Well permits are done exclusively through the WVDEP state agencies.

The clerk of courts are typically up to date as to what has been filed. They are at the mercy of the oil and gas company to file drilling unit declarations. Sometimes those are not always filed in a timely manner. Has the well/unit that you are interested in already started producing and there isn’t a drilling unit declaration in the courthouse? Sometimes they can be hard to find. If you give me specific names, I can help search for you.


Thanks for offering to locate I can find the lists of wells on the WVDEP, but unable to read the actual permit. 2 specifically that I would like to verify if they actually list my name (which is in a trust so not Alice 15) are Hicks SW unit 21 permit # 047051-01997 and unit Hicks SW unit 32 (which I can’t see on the WVDEP and don’t have a permit # - I am receiving royalties on these, but some that I know for sure are producing and I am not receiving royalty payments. Confusing! The company is working on it but they take months and I need to know if they are getting it correct. I have been down this road before!

Alice 15,

The actual well permit cannot be found on the WVDEP website. There are places that they can be found, but are pretty complex to get there. Also, units do not have permit numbers.

In order to find the unit paperwork, go to the Marshall County site that Dome gave you. Select firm instead of individual, type hicks, and select index search. I see two different unit declarations for Hicks SW. One is just an update of the first. The one you want should be DB 932/ PG 286. I told you how to find all of the Hicks just in case you are listed in other units and want to investigate those.

Hope this helps!


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