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I notices that you were from TX also and had mineral interest in Woodward, Co, OK. Do you know if anything is happening up there?


I have some interests in Woods County some of which cross over in Woodward County. So I not real versed on Woodward but joined to try to find out more.

I received an offer 6 20N 17W bonus $400 per acre with 3/16th royalty for a term of 3 years. Anyone else hear anything?


I haven't heard of anyone in Woodward Co getting an offer. But, I know that Wood Co is getting big bucks for leases. My husband owns mineral is the south part of Woodward Co and haven't received a offer.

I own mineral in Logan, Garfield & Noble and we are getting over $400 bonus and wells are coming in at 700 to 1200 BBpd.

One well that I know of in Woods Co came in at 3000 BBpd, not sure about some of the others, but they are putting a 8" pipeline from Cherokee to Cushing to transport the oil.

Thank you Virginia


Glad you join our group. Do you have minerals in Woodward Co? If so, what part? N, E, W, S? I haven't heard of anything going on except in the N part by Woods, Co. Does anyone know of anything going on?


My siblings and I signed a 3 yr, 3/16 lease Aug 2010 for section 20-020N-022W in Woodward Co.

Mike P.

What is Latigo doing in Woodward County? I got a very small check from them a couple of weeks ago.

Has anyone leased in of Woodward Co? Is any drilling going on in this county?

I am anxious to know of any activity here also. My mineral rights were leased for three years in the late 90s, but not since. I have heard from a friend with an oil company that there should be activity all over This part of Oklahoma and up through Western Kansas all the way to the Dakotas. Even so, I haven't heard of anything tangible in Woodward Co.


The last permit that was issued for Woodward County was in August 2012. Not much going on at this time.


Clint Liles

Thank you Clint for all the great info!!

hello: i just joined your group to learn more about royalties paid out to owners of surface and mineral rights. I receive monthly royalty checks for gas wells on property i inherited from my grandmother. the wells are 11 22w 17w and 2 22w 17 of woodward co. The last well was drilled about 8 years ago. Some wells i get % or payment decimal of .00258575 and others .00781255. My checks reflect my 1/3 ownership of the property. Do any of you in this discussion group receive royalty checks for gas? Mine are from Chesapeake and also Linn.


I receive checks from Chesapeake which has a funny way of doing their book keeping and I've never figure I got what is right. I also get checks from Linn and their check stubs make sense. Now why you get such a different % is a question. Did they pool your royalties with someone else. Did someone sell mineral or are you paying for transportation, etc. Check your lease and see if you pay for things. You are lucky to have anything producing in Woodward Co. I think the Chinese took it over and do different things.

Hi Virginia: Yes i agree about chesapeake. Like my december check was 4 times larger than the other 11 checks last year which is nice but it was like they needed to catch up on things before the new year began. Seemed odd getting paid royalties in december for gas that was extracted in march and april. Whats with that. I will be getting my lease papers hopefully soon as i just started delving into all this recently. I have only seen my checks and statements and have never seen any lease that my grandmother or possibly her parents may have signed years ago. My grandmother was born on the property around 1901 near Quinlan. Feel i am quite fortunate to get anything over all these years but on the other hand when i see chesapeake getting $7549.00 from a well in one month and my 1/3 being $18.47 for that well the same month i get this feeling that i may be losing a fortune rather than feeling fortunate you know? Seeing my lease may unlock some secrets and thank you for responding.


you can go to the Co. Clerk office in Woodward and they will help you look up the Oil & Gas lease. Know what your legal are and look in the books and later years it's on the computer. You can also look on-line and see a few things without paying, but it's only for the later years.

Go to : www.okcountyrecords.com A person used to be able to look up by legal, now it's by names. Makes it harder to look up investment properties for me. And for as little as $10 per month, you can get all the records and print them off for a couple dollars. Sure saves a trip sometimes. A person really needs to check their records every few months anyway. Get a copy of the lease and then you will see what they signed. You may want to look to be sure nothing was sold at a later date or that someone didn't think the owned your minerals. I'm surprise that an oil company would even sent a check for less than $50. Most of the companies don't sent one till it's over $50 and some are over $100.

Are your mineral east of Mooreland? I haven't heard of much going on in Woodward County, but it's been a couple years since I have been out that way.

Virginia: I have only been to the property once years ago so i couldn't tell you where it is in relation to mooreland other than the section township and range numbers in previous post. There are like 20 wells on two properties so they all add up to more than 50 dollars but some only produce 3 dollars a month for me!

I have a small mineral interest in section 7-23N-21W and have been offered a 3 yr lease for $100/acre with 3/16 royalty by Randall G. Raulston, Inc. Does any one have any information about the company or what else is being offered at this time?


I haven't hear of R. Raulston, inc, but that offer seems real low to me. Three years ago, some of the leases where going to $150 to $300. and it should be up from their.