Winkler County TX Oil & Gas Permits


November 06, 2018


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November 16, 2018


Hello Clint, I got an email from you (through the forum) on this topic. It’s not on my section, but I’m glad to hear from you. Seems our discussion group has died since the new web site came along. I’m going to try and re-start the group with a new topic. I really appreciate your help in the past and I hope we can get the discussion going again.


Caleb (and Clint),

What Caleb said — plus Hussah! Huzzah!— for Clint and for doing a reset on the discussion.

Clint continues to make near-daily contributions to all of us owners of smaller mineral interests, especially slowpokes like me who need some digital hand-holding.

However, I vote for the former Forum discussion format, which even I managed to handle. (Or maybe a tutorial on YouTube for us old fogies.)

But I don’t know for sure where this post will end up—which I hope is near Caleb’s on the Winkler County discussion.

Thanks to all involved,

Jim Bemis


November 19, 2018


Caleb.,.,.,.,.,Go For It.:+1:

Clint Liles


Hey Jim. This new format…I’ve got some of it down but the mostest I don’t understand what they(the Gods in Control)are talking about. If we knew the C Language(That’s Computer language) then we would understand what they are talking about. I no comprende some of this junk. I B 1 of the dummies.

Clint Liles


Perhaps this will help. Here are a couple of direct links that you can bookmark, or just cut & paste. This one will take you directly to the list of Winkler County topics:

This one will take you directly to the new Winkler County Oil & Gas Discussion group that I started. I’m going to post a question there now.



@Caleb_Small and others… you’ll find lots of help here Getting Started - Mineral Rights Forum


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December 05, 2018


Thank you for your efforts in posting all year!


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