Winkler County TX Oil & Gas Permits


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Know the area well. Hogg road comes off State Hwy 18 10 miles north of Monahans, 9.8 miles south of Kermit…goes east to the base of the caprock on Waddell’s land. Near Hwy 18 on the south side of Hogg Road is Jess Anthony’s China ranch. On the north side of Hogg road is the Mitchell ranch. In the mid to late 70s there I worked for AMOCO Production company on the Sealy Smith A and B leases…and we had hundreds of wells there producing then. Several big consolidated tank batteries there with LACT units automatically selling the oil gathered there. Also had a small NGL plant there on the north side of Hogg road. I suppose all that stuff is still there and operated by Apache Corporation when it changed its name from AMOCO Prod. Co. Before it became Apache, it was AMOCO, before AMOCO it was Stanolind and PanAmericanOilCo. We had vertical wells completed in multiple zones at various depths and comingled in the well bore. Those wells produced a lot of gas as well as oil from the Devonian, Silurian, Seven Rivers,
and other formations. Most had pumping units on them, but some had ARMCO Unidraulic fluid packed pumps and a few had Reeda submersible pumps. Fond memories…

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, TX :sunglasses:


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