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If you’ve got holdings in Winkler County you’ll be interested in the following article in Oil & Gas Journal’s online report: Lone Star NGL to build 530-mile Permian basin pipeline

Any idea what the proposed route of the Lone Star line is? Also, Southern Union Gas is selling their line to ETE…Williams is trying to overbid them. They have a huge system of gas gathering and transport lines in Winkler County.

What is the lease activity in Winkler County? Who is leasing out there and what formations are they interested in?


Not sure what current leasing activity there is, but I'm getting one or two solicitations a month to sell the small interests I have that Whiting Oil & Gas Petroleum currently works ("Obrien lease"), and the price keeps going up. They're located on/around the Winkler/Ward Counties line - G&MMB&A Blk F, Sec 19 & 20. Obviously some people think something is about to happen.

My mother was sent information that my Grandfather owned mineral rights in Winkler County in Texas…Ab. 1793, block 40, section 5…PSL/Waddell Bros & Co Survey…A company called Enerlex, Inc. wanted her to sign and notarize a Quit-Claim mineral Deed and sent a check for $150.00. They said they would send another Check for $1100. when me and my sisters also sign and notarize a Quit-claim Mineral deed giving up any royalties including future or reversionary interests. My sisters and Mother have done this but i have not. I do not want to sign off on anything till i find out more about it. Enerlex told my mother that each child (two sisters and i) would get a check for $50.00 even though it says on the form we received a check for $10.00, which we did not. Even if my mother signed off the deed what will happen if i don’t sign off. We know nothing of all of this. All i know is that my Grandfather was not a stupid man and had a reason for owning the mineral rights. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Laura for answering. All it says on my Quit-claim is the ab.1973, block 40, section 5 as i stated in my previous letter. Perhaps it was on the Deed that my mother has already sent back to Enerlex. How would i go about finding the information based on what it says on the Quit-claim paper. Would i inquire at PSL Waddell bros & Co. Survey? Are they the ones drilling? Is there a way to find this out? I haven’t signed anything yet. My last name was spelled wrong even though my mother gave them the proper spelling. When she called they said i could make the changes and then initial the changes. Not sure if a notary could still sign since it does not match my ID. Anyway, I’m still trying to find out whatever i can. As i said, My mother and two sisters did sign it.

Cheryl, I would call the company and ask them how many mineral acres they are purchasing. You do realize that you are selling your minerals and not leasing them? Your family is selling their interest to Enerlex. It is not a lease where you will receive a share of the production. It is a sale and by selling the minerals, they will be gone forever. I would not sign anything. It is a shame that your mother and sisters did not seek advise before they signed off on this. The Permian Basin is very active right now and there are many companies out there making offers to purchase minerals. Those offers I always tear up and throw away. Never sell your minerals. That is the standard rule. Read Andy Anderson’s comment below. Anyway, contact Enerlex and ask them how many mineral acres they are asking your family to convey and how much they are offering per acre. Ask them to put that in writing.

Can anyone from the Winkler County, Texas group tell me if there is a "going rate" per mineral acre for leases in Winkler County. And please let me know any pertinent information involved in royalty owning in Winkler County?
Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Laura Curnutte

My Grand Father Founded the town of Wink, in Winkler County in 1927, was a boom Town in 1929, with 29,000 people, today the only open place in town when last through was the Roy Orbison Museum. The Family has 46 acres in N/E quarter of section27, Block B-3, that is currently not leased. This on the edge of Town. Several have tried to purchase the land, however we can only lease it because it is PSL.

Is $1,500 per acre and 25% a good offer for southern Winkler County?


Dear Jordon,
Sure sounds good to me, but if you have significant acreage, then you will want to do your homework and hire an attorney to steer you through treacherous waters. Also will want to do your homework on the operator, after Chesapeake took advantage of the good people of Fort Worth, and now are being sued for not being good to their mineral interests owners, I don’t think I would want to deal with them again, Now if it’s Devon, I have had real good luck and fair dealings with them. But still need that Attorney for the lease, so to keep more money in your pocket instead of the Energy company. The Attorney will help you with certain clauses you will want that without him you might know about. Good Luck Buddy, hope you make a mint.

Does anyone reading this live/work in Winkler county. If so, would you please comment on whether there is an oil rig drilling a well about 1/2 mile north of the intersection of ranch road 874 and Hwy 115 about ten miles northeast of Kermit? This permit indicates a well spud date of August 5, 2014.

So I am fairly new here and have not been very active due to the simple fact that I had very little knowledge of the subject and really didn't even know what to ask. I have done some research with the help of a friend and here is what I now know:

Our leases are with Whiting and our land is under the name O'Brien. Apparently we own surface rights on thousands of acres with multiple producing wells. We have been receiving royalty checks for the last 9+ years as part of a trust. The trust ends March 2015 and the bank is proposing they continue handling the mineral rights as a whole (for 13 beneficiaries) because it would be too much of a hassle to divide up the rights 13 ways and it would be more beneficial to us to keep it as a whole. However, the majority of beneficiaries must agree on this.

Seeing that I will likely own these assets for the rest of my life, I feel it is important to educate myself, even minimally, on the topic.

I am looking for resources on info regarding division of mineral rights among heirs. Any info, input, or insight anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. (p.s. I have done some Google searches and looked for books at the library on the topic but have not had much luck)

Feel free to message me personally.

Dear Shawn,
I have been involved in a trust for over 30 years. My Grandfather founded Wink Texas, in 27, when he passed in 58, he left a trust for 6 people, that split to 12. After our moms and uncles past, we also have Frost Bank, Shriners Hospital in the mix now. When the trust ran out my mom and her brothers and sisters decided to let bank continue to run as agency account. When my Mom died she started another trust. Now the trust of my cousins are breaking up and some have pulled away from the trust and some have stayed. If I were you I would investigate more so perhaps some older members of your heirs could stay and younger ones like you could tell trust to take a hike. My trust with USTrusr from Bank Of America , charges me 6% off top of royalties! and 3% on investment income. They pay me 1.6% return on 1/2 million sitting in trust. My cousin made the bank go out and put the minerals divided up Ito all our names, they had told us they did this in 1993, I have that letter, but not till I told them my cousin had hired attorneys to do that, did they take action. If you pull away from trust, this is what you will have to do for money. Deposit oil checks each month, pay your taxes each year on the wells. Hire a good oil and gas CPA. The Trust Dept of most Banks used to be a Service, now it’s a highly profitable department of the Bank.

Thanks Chris. I will do some more research on this.

Is anyone getting leasing offers in Winkler? I just received offer of $750, 1/4th royalty and three year primary term in Sec. 1, Block 27 and 75. Anyone else???


That sounds like a nice offer, I haven't gotten any offers in Winkler County in a long time. Last offer I had was for Roosevelt County in New Mexico, they offered 1/16 of hole and $50 Bonus, tried to tell me that New Mexico was a different animal than Texas.

Pam, Might I have the Landman's name, I got some land in Winkler I would love for him to look at leasing. Hopefully it's not near the Giant Sink Hole in Wink that is Growing, so far it has eaten three wells and the tanks too.

Is there a RRC online data function which will indicate if WTX Gryphon Holdings has recompleted any of these?

Vee Bar Ltd

Magnolia Royalty

YT Family Land