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We've got interests in two older wells in Sec 8, Blk 5, H&TC RR Co. Survey.

Just got an offer for our interests in one of the wells. It seems above average. Does anyone know of new activity in that area?

Thought it might be a good idea to join the group. We did a lease in the last quarter of 2011 for some property in the Harrold area. It's getting inetresting possibly for 2012.


Welcome to the forum.

It seems Harrold is the hot spot for Wilbarger County currently. Most of the activity seems to be focused in that area.

My mom says that there is a new derick set up near the well that was drilled north of Tolbert on the Rider lease. Maybe it is fracking equipment, not sure.


I received a letter June 16th from Anschutz wishing to lease my 342 acres west of Vernon. $150 per net mineral acre--3/16 royalty--3years with a 2 year option. My answer was 'not the right numbers'. '$300--1/5 royalty--3 years sounds better'.

Clint Liles

I drove around the northside of Vernon yesterday. It does not look like there is much activity in the way of drilling. The wind farm they are putting up is pretty amazing.

Is anything happening on the north side of Vernon? Any new activity?

There is a horizontal well showing up on the RRC GIS map, 487-32912. It is just south of the Ryder lease, 487-32819, but I have never seen it permitted. It has to be fairly new with that number. The RRC is currently mostly down, so I cannot look it up.

It is another Anschutz well on the Collins lease going down 9,000 feet. It was approved 9/4/2012.

Anschultz has filed a completion report on the horizontal well 4 miles east of Vernon. It is listed as producing, but I do not know enough about the testing to know if the results are great or just good. It does say that it went down to Barnett shale and that it is a combo.

BTW, it says that they hit Barnett shale and that it produced 94 barrels of oil and 200 MCF's of gas over the 24 hour test period. I would appreciate any further insight.

Anschutz is filing another permit to drill a horizontal well 9,000 ft deep 2.5 miles NE of Vernon, McDuff lease, 487-32914, submitted 10/4/2012.

My mom has 600 acres in Vernon. Permian Land brokered a lease for Anschutz a year ago. Is it possible to find out the production plan for the drilling or is this information kept quiet? I’m looking for updates from Permian and there is no communication or status etc. Is that normal? I’m trying to find this out for my mom who is in her 80’s and not very computer savvy. Any info on how this works would be helpful I.e timing, once drilling begins how long before she gets paid on the oil, what happens when the lease is up etc. thx

This can be a frustrating thing to find out, as oil companies are generally not very good at keeping lessors updated on their drilling plans. There are several reasons for this: 1) they get alot of inquiries from anxious mineral owners; 2) their drilling plans change constantly; and 3) they tend to be secretive about their plans until they are ready to drill.

The best thing to do is: 1) get a good information clause negotiated in your next lease; and 2) try to get the name of the drilling supervisor who will set the drilling schedule and don't bug him too often.

You can also look at the video tutorial on the Home page about how to check for permits, to see if a permit has been pulled, as this is an indicator you may be drilled pretty soon.

Thank you for the info. How would I go about getting the name of the drilling supervisor? Would that be through Permian or Anschultz?


I hear that the drilling rig is up on the well Anschutz permitted on the McDuff lease just northeast of Vernon.

Thanks James,

Clint liles