Whitestar Sept Checks

Any else still waiting on White Star to finish their system conversion so they can send out royalty checks? This is what I was told last week when I emailed them. They are not even loaded in PDS website.

I wrote them today and pretty much got the same answer. They are having problems with the new system and hope to have the cks out by nxt week

I have not gotten anything from them. I can't believe that you have to leave a message & wait 3 days for them to call you back. Owner relations? Ha!

I got my payment on the 10th.

Guess I am not worried since they put our wells on hold in Garfield County. Went to the Corporation Commission and from my understanding have 5 years to decide if they want to produce it or plug it. ha Keeps it tied up either way.

Our checks were slow in Sept. and Oct. but we've received them by the 3rd or 4th of the month since.

Got Check in January for Dec production ok. Here's the issue, I believe that Sequoyah Energy may have acquired leases from Whitestar. I got a check today from Sequoyah Energy Holdings LLC. Payments were deducted for transportation costs counter to my lease agreement. If Whitestar spun off some acreage I was never notified.

Anyone else hear anything about Sequoyah Energy getting the leases?


quick record check shows assignment from White Star to Sequoyah in 20N area. May be others...

I finally received my minimum royalty payment from 2016 couple weeks ago

I found that WS transferred 47 wells to Sequoyah Energy Holdings on 12/6/17. Ours in Sec 17 was among them. Further searching shows that they've reported no production since May 2017.

New member here, I have been viewing for a few years but just joined as a member to be able to comment. I have royalties in 34-18N-04E and 35-18N-04E. last year in 2017 our checks dropped DRASTICALLY through July as I believe that Whitestar was not selling any crude. After July checks stopped completely from all four wells. I contacted WS and finally got my call returned and was told that our wells are in "shut down status".

Yeah they did the same thing with a couple of my newer wells. When I dug into it more, the down-hole pumps used to move the fluid to the surface were down and needed replacing. They are expensive and WS commented when they bring them back online they will be replaced with rod pumps (pumpjacks). Key thing here is when... They are just leaving the wells down as they go down until oil gets higher, in my opinion and knowing the greedy oil companies.

So do you have a shut in clause in your lease that requires them to make a payment per acre while in shut in status? My understanding is that there should be a time frame of months or years that once it exceeds the time frame they have to pay or the lease is revoked.

Our lease in Payne County Southeast Qtr 8-20N-2E, “Rains” well, was originally with Devon Energy. Devon sold it to White Star. White Star shut down the well all throughut 2017. The last Royalty check we received was 2016. This week (June 2018) we received a Royalty check from Sequoyah Energy Holdings LLC, for production from the “Rains” well (period unspecified). I assume White Star sold the lease to Sequoyah and they reopened the well. Public records show Sequoyah is a LLC with 4 Principals and the Agent for reciept is Justin T. Hiersche of Oklahoma City. White Star made no notification of transfer of our lease. Anyone have information ?

I made a mistake on my last posting… Sequoyah energy Holdings LLC has One Principal, and one Agent, both being the same person.

White Star tells you nothing and they never get back to you re: questions. They have 4 wells on my Section 14 and only 1 is in operation barely the other 3 are sitting there doing nothing, but that covers there lease by production. I also have 2 wells in Section 20 and when they get to 25 dollars owed they send me a check, but the wells are barely running, but again it takes care of the lease by production. If I have to lease again its going to be a certain amount royalty for small productions re: weather they produce or not… So they just can’t sit on them and wait for something to happen, I guess they are waiting for 100 dollars a barrel maybe…tx…bc

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Bob, if you want to list the S-T-R, I can check the wells and see if they look normal or if they look like mechanical trouble.

Mr. Barnes could I also give you STR & Well names of others I suspect Whitestar has done the same to?

Jay, Give me a few and I can look.

I agree Bob, Whitestar has treated me like the red headed step child as well. Casually returning phone calls when they get around to it. I let them know regularly they have horrible interest owner relations and it will be remembered in the future.

Mr. Barnes, sorry for my delay. I must of missed your reply. I am wondering about the Louis 6-1 and 6-2 wells in 6-17N-4E, those wells dropped of early 2016 and have done nothing since. Thank you for any information you might can provide.

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Jay … Something sure seems fishy! Just recently, I’ve received three different answers from three different people! On and off, for two years now I’ve been trying to find out ‘who it is’ that I can talk to that can tell me what’s going on i.e. production foreman, engineer et al and have been given the run around of ‘non working’ names and emails! Later, I was referred to contact the Stillwater office, but that’s no better than the OKC office, since they never answer there phone nor returns any calls either! I haven’t had a good feeling about White Star from the beginning, and researched them to find out that they sold their Stillwater office building on a leased back type of deal! Each and every time I’ve dealt with sellers who wanted to sell their office buildings on a ‘lease back’, it was normally because they were strapped for cash! I hope this doesn’t ring true for White Star!!