Whitestar Sept Checks


M_Barnes … Can you let me know where you go to find out whether there’s mechanical trouble?


Looks like 6-2MH was shut in from Sept 2015-Nov 2015. Then back online through at least May 2016 at really low rates. For gas. Oil stopped in Mar 2015. Well was on pump from day one. not much pressure to start with.

Looks like 6-1MH was shut in April 2015-Aug 2015, then back online through at least Feb 2016. Oil was still being sold. That may have been when the Obsidian wells in 5 were frac’d. This well was on a pump from day 1, so didn’t have much gas pressure to start with.

Looks like Louis 7-1WX gas stopped as of July 2017 but oil was sporadic through at least July 2018. Also on a pump.

Lodestone 6-17N-4E 1MH gas stopped in July 2017, but oil sporadic through at least July 2018. Also on pump. Calyx drilled the first three. American Energy drilled the Lodestone.

These were not exactly barn burners to start with. The only place to find out about mechanical trouble is with the Operator.


Thanks for looking that up. I knew about the production, was trying to find out when they are going to get the wells back online.

They are working on the Louis wells now. Someone went by and took a pic of wellwork activity.


If I were to guess, it is probably the pumps that needed work.


Yes Sir. While the ESP pumps down hole were down or if one already had a rod or tubing pump and either were down, the wells can potentially still produce smaller amounts by natural reservoir pressure if it can overcome hydro-static pressure of fluid sitting in the tubing, but nothing like it could with artificial lift (Rod/Tubing/ESP pumps) that is functioning properly. !

Below is the pic a friend snapped for me. I see the rods and tubing were still out.


My wells are on Section 14-19N-1W/J Bode well 1WH and 2WH/Plus next door is Bullitt 1WH and 2WH also on Section 14. Bode 1WH and the two Bullitt wells are shut in for some reason. Can you figure that out? I also have two wells on Section 20, Payne County they are Penny 20-MH and Pickering 20-2MH. They are basically shut in also or maybe 25 dollars every 2 or 3 months and these are pretty new wells. Not sure what White Star is waiting for. Thanks…BC…All are in Payne County, Oklahoma


Is this some sort of check epidemic? I am missing July 31 and Aug 31 checks, both over $100.00 and Stephens Energy says they have been issued and mailed and the Bank of Oklahoma says they have not been cashed or anything. My local Post office says in “understandable” words, "…Nothing we can do…You have to tell Stephens Energy to issue them again.


So I have been waiting to hear back from Whitestar on an email I sent them back in April about out wells in shut in status and shut in royalty payments. I finally heard back today and was told that our wells have all been temporarily abandoned and the don’t have future plans to go back and produce them. And since they are in T/A and not Shut Ink they say the Shut In payments won’t apply. When I originally contacted them seeking information I Told them that I may be asking for a release of lease based on a breach of contract for lack of timely production. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


I’m a little bit confused too with what White Star is doing! I just emailed them, again, since receiving a ‘one line’ reply back! It’s like pulling teeth!!


That’s the Oil Company game. After you’ve signed a Lease for them, they will get back to you when they see fit. They will drag their feet and make the situation as difficult and frustrating for you as they can, hoping you eventually go away and leave whatever the matter is alone. The truth hurts.


I know, but they don’t know me! lol