What's the going rate for Mineral Rights Pecos


What’s the going rate for mineral acres in Pecos county? Block 112

Veronica after checking the GIS map I find 3 possibly producing oil wells and one gas well in Block 112 of Pecos County…and numerous plugged oil wells. It can depend on what Section of Block 112 you are referring to. The only 2 mineral appraiser I have heard about in Texas that appraise Texas minerals are Louis Posgate(512)858-7672) and David Shetler(210)736-9992)…I’m sure there are others that can appraise your minerals. Sorry I can’t help you further.


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There’s not enough production/activity in Block 112 just yet that would justify some of the prices you’ll find in other parts of Pecos County. If you’re able to wait until someone permits a well, or better yet until actual drilling has commenced, you’ll receive much higher offers than you will right now.

If you really need cash now, I’d put them up on energynet.com, but my guess is that you’re not going to get significantly more than the other poster offered (~$4,000/acre).

Well that’s where you are wrong, I’ve been offered well over 20K an acre. So I want to make sure I know what I’m doing before i sell.

You received a blanket letter to get you excited about selling. Your minerals are not worth anything close to $20K per acre. If you had 12 triple stacked 2 mile horizontal wells on you then maybe.

Midlander, that’s a very, very unbelievable offer she got from someone. And she took the bait.

Clint Liles

It Seems that non of u know how to read. I said I was made an offer (actually 3 offers) and I wanted to educate myself first. I don’t see anyone taking bait. WOW I thought this site was If we had question we could get answers not be offended. -_-

This forum provides a valuable exchange of information and experience among mineral rights owners. I think we all know that the O&G companies and land men, for the most part, have more complete knowledge of current terms and opportunities. Let’s stick together to support one another. Those of us with relatively less experience need the uncritical help from those who have more experience and their ears closer to the ground. Thank you. Pat O


I am not a landman, just a land owner in Pecos who sold half of my mineral rights in july. I found some excellent people on my journey but also some that were not so great. You are looking for guidance and getting sarcastic responses.

I found that if someone has good geology or wells near by then the property has value in the $20+k per mineral right acre. You need to understand how close you are to the major shale plays. When i look at pecos blocks i do not see block 112. Can you post your legal description? Mine was section 29 block 48 township T&P. Sold half 26k per acre.

Who has the lease now? Mine was

Selling mineral rights is challenging because information is hard to get so you take all the pieces then make a decision that works for you. Post your land description and lets find out where your land is in relation to major shale plays.

The other thing I found that you have a lot of people that are very confident in their answers and at the end of the day they were just flat out wrong. I was told many times that I would never get over $10,000 an acre by people who were very confident.

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I am also curious about what is going on in Pecos County near Coyonosa. Would anyone like to share what they know? We’ve been getting some amazing offers to buy our mineral rights. I need to be more informed to make a decision

Here is the information that I can see for Coyonosa :

490 Producing Leases

56 Producing Operators

2,062 Drilled Wells

1,893,800 BBLs of Oil Produced in Mar 2018

4,585,565 MCF of Gas Produced in Mar 2018

You have good minerals and what we did is sell half and kept the rest for long term. I had a great experience with Cazadores. Now please know this was our first time and we worked on it for 6 months before finally selling.

Best of luck. Also do your research on the property. Google earth, where existing wells are nearby, what oil basins are you near……

THANK YOU WILLIAM!! I was also looking in to partial sells.

Thank you, Sandra Hopper

Does anyone have any information on the value of mineral rights ownership in Block 119, sections 5, 7, 9 and 11? I would appreciate any information anyone might have. Thank you.


Evelyn: Thank you for the information. Have you consulted with any appraisers or other professionals, or are you, like me, just doing the best due diligence you can on your own.

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Evelyn, the following is simply my opinion. If they fail to drill or fail to hit, that is an outstanding price…If they hit and if they hit soon, that is a fair price What was your bonus and how often has your tract been leased?


We have section 9 block 51 in Pecos County. We have been getting offers ranging from $5500-$8500 to buy our mineral rights. Obviously if they are offering that then they know the rights are worth a lot more. Anyone have any info on this area?

That doesn’t necessarily mean they are worth a lot more, and that price range is what I’ve been seeing in the area; it depends on whether you are leased, at what royalty you’re leased, who the operator is, whether you are permitted or drilled, and potential for future development. The operators in your area are PCore, Siltstone and Throne; historically, there hasn’t been a whole lot of production that far South.

we are leased at 1/4 and PCore took over the lease

What about prices up in Block 48 T8?