What's the going rate for Mineral Rights Pecos


We have section 9 block 51 in Pecos County. We have been getting offers ranging from $5500-$8500 to buy our mineral rights. Obviously if they are offering that then they know the rights are worth a lot more. Anyone have any info on this area?


That doesn’t necessarily mean they are worth a lot more, and that price range is what I’ve been seeing in the area; it depends on whether you are leased, at what royalty you’re leased, who the operator is, whether you are permitted or drilled, and potential for future development. The operators in your area are PCore, Siltstone and Throne; historically, there hasn’t been a whole lot of production that far South.


we are leased at 1/4 and PCore took over the lease


What about prices up in Block 48 T8?



Not to speak for others, but William Dicks above says he sold his for $13k/nra ($26k/nma) to guys named Cazadores in July. After research and a multi-month process. In sec 29 of 48 8. Not sure if recent falling oil prices have affected the going rate or not.


Does anyone have information on prices in Section 7, Block 49?