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Don thank you for going by, I’ve haven’t been there in years. They supposedly were having the pooling on July 25 by video due to covid I read, but I tried to look and didn’t see anything, will it be added to what they already filed or will it be a new order showing the courts approved or denied under the same case number? Thank you again for all your help.

@Vickey1956 The hearing for the pooling (case number 2022-002299) was July 12 with the result of RO | MR

RO = Record Opened

MR = Merits Recommended

Just waiting for the Final Order, which should be coming in the next few weeks, i.e., 3 to 6 weeks from July 12. Unless some entity or person was dismissed from the first pooling there will not be a second pooling, which would be identified with a new case number. I did not see any protests filed, so I expect this will be the only pooling.

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Thank you Don once the final order is granted then how long before you see anything going on in Section 13-6N5W? Excited to see. My dad used to say might not make a dime but it makes for great conversation while waiting lol. Thanks again.

Don seem odd that I’m the only posts I read in reference to this section lol where is everyone at that’s 650 acres.

Very ball park answer is “about a year” until you might see royalties. It takes about three-four months to drill and complete a one-section well. But in this case, they plan to drill four wells back to back. It really only takes a few weeks to drill the wells, but they will usually drill the first well, move over and drill the next well, etc.

Then they bring in the frac crew to do a “zipper frac”. That saves millions of dollars in time and people and materials. The crew moves in and does frac part A on well 1, then moves over to do frac part A on well 2, while Part B is being done on well 1, etc. That takes months to finish all four wells, but much faster than doing each one individually.

Once the wells are online and making sales, it takes about another five months to run the title information on all of the hundreds of owners in the section. Division orders usually go out at the end of the that five months. You are supposed to be paid 180 days from first sales.

Given that rough time line… be aware that there is a shortage of frac crews that are safely trained and ready to go, frac sand and other materials due to supply chain issues. So that may slow the whole timeline down.

You can watch for the well information on: Test. Form 1000 is the permit. 1001A is the spud and 1002A is the completion. The completion report is usually filed about four months after actual completion.

You can watch for the “active” date and first production on the OK tax site. Gross Production. You can search by well name (leasename) or by location.

Wow Thank you do much for that information, I will definitely keep this so I’ll will remember the steps.

Stupid auto correct. Thank you again.

Don SW/4 and S/2 NW/4 of Sectin 13 Township 6N Range 5W this is how it reads on our paper work we have

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Don I guess I was leaving out part of the section description.

@Vickey1956 Important to have if needed. Still no Final Order on your pooling. I have a section that also went to pooling. It was heard a week after your section. No Final Order on that pooling either. Could still be a week or more. Sometimes it feels a little like watching paint dry lol. Or pouring molasses out of a bottle.

Yes because I’m just now seeing it is being questioned about the SW/4 and S/2 NW/4 of Section 13 6N5W so getting that straightened out.

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Almost forgot to thank you again for keeping me up to date on all this or I really would be lost. And yes I agree it is like watching paint dry lol .

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